Craner Christmas

My first experience with the Craner family at Christmas time. Darrin is the baby of the family and there is a big gap between him and most of his siblings- they already have kids and so Christmas is a BIG get together. Lots of wrapping, a little hectic but it was a lot of fun. The Craners are such a nice family and I'm happy to be welcomed into it.

Here is one of Penny's beautiful Christmas trees. She is amazing at decorating her trees. I need to get some pointers. I can't even count how many Christmas trees she puts up each year. ( +10) and nativities (+1200, no for real)

We are waiting to take family pictures, as you can tell Darrin was thrilled. I am holding Tammy's youngest Christopher.

 Here is Christmas morning. A lot of presents!

Randon Picts

Here we are at a concert, I forgot who we went and saw but it was a really good pianist and it was a lot of fun, Greg had tickets and couldn't make it so we were lucky enough to go. This makes me wish I stuck with piano, this guy was awesome.

Darrin loves Utah lake. ( I hope it's the wakeboarding and not the actual lake) I think he loves the close factor because it really isn't the cleanest. We are driving around the back side of the lake near Payson.