Darrin and I received a fabulous Christmas gift- a Bosch! With that said we have been using it the last few days. Darrin got ingredients to make super hot salsa-there was like 15 crazy looking peppers that I have never even seen. Just to paint you a picture of the upcoming scene-our kitchen and living area are in the same vicinity, there are no walls dividing the two areas. Darrin was making his salsa and I went to the kitchen to make some dinner and about 10 seconds later I started having a horrible coughing attack (not from a sudden onslaught of the flue) the peppers from being cooked on the stove made the air super thick and made for "spicy air" I don't know how to describe it. I couldn't breathe. My shirt was up over my face to cover my nose and mouth for most of the night. Darrin even had to bring up our huge fan to start airing out our place. He was even having coughing attacks. This has never happened before, I can not believe he could even eat the salsa that we couldn't even breathe in. He is insane! The air was so thick from the peppers cooking that it hurt to breathe. I can't believe any person can eat salsa that almost kills you to make!!

Splish, Splash....

Grandma thought of the best thing in the world, I figured not to bathe Colby and be lazy so my mom would offer to bathe him everyday for me. She gave him a bath in the sink! I thought it was crazy, I have never done that, he is always in the bath tub for his baths. He fell in love with the sink. He sits up so he can splash around and it is the perfect size for him. This way it is way more secure so he does not fall over. He loved him bath time. Thanks Grandma!!! Also, ever since Colby was born he has been a morning boy. Darrin and I are not but he loves waking up early. I have taught him to stay asleep until 7 but I would love just one more hour, not happening. But I really can't complain he is a great kid, if that is his only downside I can handle that. The best is Grandpa is a morning person so every morning I would walk upstairs like a zombie and grandpa could play with him in the morning. They had great fun, he loves his grandparents!

P.S. He can hold his own bottle! That is the best news ever. I have so much freedom! Also he had his six month checkup and he is 99% in his height and his noggin and 87% in his weight! He is so adorable, just like his daddy!!

Thanksgiving Fun

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I love Thanksgiving, it is nice being with family and playing games, eating tons of yummy food and of course carying on the fam tradition of Thanksgiving bowling. Every time I go to Boise I have to go to my favorite food joints. The first is Mrs. Powells cinnamon rolls. NO ONE makes them as good. Someday I want to work there just so I can learn the recipe. The dough is so light and airy- delicious! Second, Westside Drive In, a great chef decided to ditch the 4 or 5 star restaurant he owned and opened a gourmet drive through. I always get a #7- gardenburger combo. Seriously, everything on that menu is divine. My thrid fav is Idaho Pizza Co. - my dad found this place. I remember going there with him all the time when I worked with him at Peterson's. There salad bar is amazing and they have great pizza. The flavoring is awesome. Food, food, food! If anyone is heading to Boise you will have to try these out!

P.S. Some of my hair must have fallen out during my pregnancy because now I have these annoying baby hairs that are growing in. Did that happen to any one else?