Zebra Inspired

While pinning.... I am starting to think way too many of my sentences are starting like this, ADDICTED! Back to reality, I found an awesome tutorial on how to make a zebra cake, it was super easy to do and I love how it looks. The dessert for Sunday dinner was a success. My nieces loved it, they are so nice.

I have learned how hard it is to make a 4 tier cake and frost it while making it look good. This is only my 3rd attempt at trying to frost a cake, but boy is is tough. I am going to have to try more often because I need the practice. I still had a blast and am excited to try and get better at this whole cake decorating thing.

BYU tailgate party

When Darrin was interning at Central Utah Clinic one of his main jobs was to get ready for the big company tailgate party... too bad BYU got crushed against Utah. Anyways, the party was AWESOME. The food was catered, a couple bounce houses, games with prizes for kids, a raffle and a massive screen for the game. The party was a success and everyone told me how much they loved Darrin. They all thought things ran smoother with him there and how he was already missed. ( love when people brag about my hubby : )
The kids and I had a great time at the party, Colby and Ethan especially loved the popcorn, chips and churros. Mmmm what a healthy dinner.

I'm Back!!!!

Back to blogging, yeah!! I have missed the blog world. This has been a crazy summer. I was able to go to Boise a lot this summer, which is always lots of fun. Darrin's parents left on their mission, they are doing great and I love reading their blog. They seem so happy, I know they didn't know what to expect but it seems like they are doing great things and loving it, now it makes me less nervous for when Darrin and I decide to go. ( I think we still have a while :)
In July, the Craner family had a big family reunion at the house, yep all 50+  before the misssion, Darrin had yet another surgery- during the reunion, an emergency apendectamy!
Also, Darrin's brothers family moved from AZ to Utah,  they lived here a few months until there house was ready. Darrin's sister also moved here for a few months, her house was getting renovated after some major water damage.
All in All- It has been BUSY, CrAzY and FUN.
We feel super blessed being able to live here while D's parents are on the mission. School started in the middle of August, we are excited to get things headed in the right direction. We are already in school and it's going great. I am excited for this adventure and look forward to where it will take us, BYU has a great MBASA ( MBA Spouses Association) with lots of fun things to do. We have already met lots of great friends.

I broke one of our cameras this summer and finally it's back, and our other camera won't charge, I'm wondering if it needs a new battery. I will post the pictures I did get.