Best buds. My munchkins are the best and so handsome.

 Colby chillin' amongst the craziness.

 Colby with his best bud Caden.
Ethan hanging out with Mom.

Pumpkin Patch

 First time down all by himself, his face is priceless.

 A couple more times down and he was a pro, look at that grin.

 Colby, Caden and Sean on the ride. Colby already has the need for speed in him, hands up and ready to go, true Craner!
Caden and Michelle, they are family to us!

Trip of Monterey

Darrin is in his busy season at work, at first I thought the busy season was a couple of months but I am pretty sure busy season for him is like 9 months out of the year. This last month has been especially hard, when he is in the field him and Bryan will wake up at 3:30-4 and get done close to 11 or midnight. Yeah, CRAZY hours. My hubby works really really really hard, and the kids and I appreciate everything he does for us. He was going to Vegas again, they do a lot of work in Las Vegas, I decided to be brave and travel with the kids. I have been on tons of flights with the kiddos but I have never driven farther than the beaches and San Diego. I decided to be brave and drive the 6-7 hour drive to Monterey to visit my sister Candice and her hubby Kayle. I am extremely proud of myself that I went and did something like that on my own. That was a long drive but it was nice to explore a new area and hang out with family. I had a great time in Monterey and had a blast hanging out with my sis.

My Owie

I wish I had an incredibly awesome story to tell but I don't. I ran into my wall, the corner of the wall and it hurt really really bad. I don't know what I did but after 5 weeks it still hurts. When I am complaining about it( Colby accidently steps on it, a lot) Colby says, "sorry Mommy, Mommy owie", than he gives my foot a kiss better. He is the BEST!