My Man, Powell Time

We went to Lake Powell this summer, I have fallen in love with this place. I love how peaceful it is to be away and how gorgeous it is. My mom and sister were so sweet and watched Colby for us while we went and played. I have to say it was SUPER hard to leave Colby for the first time but I shouldn't have worried because he was in great care and probably had way for fun with them!

This is my favorite picture of the trip. I love taking pictures of Darrin when he is wakeboarding, he is so good! He would also kill me if I said this. : o  He decided to be funny and pose for me, I can't believe he looks so nonchalant. Darrin is probably going to be embarrased that I put this picture up but I LOVE it.:)

What a stud!!

Yep, he's still got it! He just wears a million braces now. (Tehe)

Our really good friends Bryan and Kathryn came with us to Lake Powell. They have become great family friends and we always have a great time with them.

Kathryn and myself, I know I have the sexiest hair during Lake Powell week!!

Always a First.... Shiner

Oops, sometimes a first for somethings are not so good. So, here goes-We were getting ready for church and he was clinging on to my legs making it very difficult to get ready. In the final attempt to leave, Colby started grabbing my legs again. This time I took his hands off of my legs, as he was letting go his body went limp and his head hit my high heel, yeah the shoes that was on my foot- It must have have been the perfect angle. All of a sudden Colby started crying pretty hard, I thought he was just wanting more attention so I didn't feel that bad. About 30 seconds later his cheek and eye was turning black and blue. : ( Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. I am glad he is okay and I hope he never gets any more shiners.

I also never get mad when he wants to hang on my leg, he can do it all day long!
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Utah Lake

Boating... Awwww, we sure do miss it! Enjoying a great day on Utah Lake.

Darrin and Colby playin' at Newport Beach

Colby and I have been going to the park since he has been born and now that he likes to run free he is discovering the sand from the playground. He now loves playing in the sand! We decided to take Colby to the beach because this time we new he would not just love the water but also the sand. He had a great time playing.

 He is so handsome, just like his daddy! I could play at the beach all day and watching him enjoy it makes it that much better!

This section of beach is in Newport at Darrin's boss's house, he lives in a neighborhood in Balboa which is this little sliver off of Newport, part of the houses overlook the ocean and the other side overlooks the harbor, it's gorgeous.

Here comes #2

This pregnancy now seems real, Darrin and I found out yesterday that we will be having a BOY! We are both getting very excited.