Beach Day

 Most of the Craners came to California to go to Disneyland and finally go to the beach. They normally only go to Disneyland but I told them they are all crazy and need to go to a beach! :) I don't think they loved it but they were good sports about me dragging them down to the sand, salty air and the ocean. Colby and I love the beach!

I forgot his bathing suit but he had a great time, I am sure everyone loved it, saggy diaper and all!

Disneyland-Trick or Treat

Darrin's family has been in town the last few weekends visiting Disneyland, oh wait I mean us. JK. I am impressed at how much we were able to see them during there down time from Disney. We had a great time being able to see family and hanging out with the Craner clan.
The Craners are Disney experts and little did I know but Disneyland has Trick or treating at California Adventure. They close down the park and have Trick or Treat booths throughout the park, it is also nice because no one is there except the people who bought the special Halloween tickets. It was super enjoyable. I thought that it would be fun but Colby wouldn't really understand, oh let me tell you. He is way smarter than I thought. He knew exactly what to do, he loved holding his trick or treat bag and going around getting candy. He had a blast. Darrin and I had a great time watching him. He is just so dang cute in his little monkey costume.

Balboa Point

We headed down to our friends house to watch the BYU game only to find out that it wasn't on the satellite, we decided to go swimming instead. We all had a blast. I was impressed at how much Darrin enjoyed playing in the sand:)

Mom is a'needed

So, while in Boise, I discovered that your mother is needed at all times during pregnancy. With hormones galore I should have just stayed up there the last 4 months of pregnancy. I should say if crazy pregnancy hormones were rated on a scale of 1-10 I think I would have been a 10 or even an 11. With that said I am now for the most part a 5, so doing much better. I do have new found respect for anyone that lives away from family or their mommy especially during pregnancy or just raising little kids. I will say crying helps because then my parents get to see me more. :) Haha.
I had a blast in Boise. Good thing I am pregnant because all of my mom's wonderful cooking and my favorite joints to eat at did not help the scale much but of course well worth every bite. Yum, Yum. Colby and I had a blast getting spoiled and loved every second of it.

Colby was able to play in the cockpit on our flight home. He loved pretend flying. The captain was super nice and was letting him hit buttons that made missile sounds and lots of cool things like that.

Boys Room

I love to decorate and am so excited to get great pictures and keep adding. Here is the start of the boys room.