Christmas w/ the Craners

We had a great time, we were able to hang out with family, play games, eat yummy food, relax and enjoy Christmas vacation.

It is now a Craner tradition to have a dinner where the adults are the waiters and the kids are the guests. This year we had a 50's diner. We had a blast. The basement got decked out, we had a milkshake bar, homemade fries and onion rings, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

These are pictures of all of the nieces and nephews that were in Utah for Christmas, and below is Tammy and Karli cranking up awesome milkshakes.

Here is Darrin, Brandon and Pat jamming out for the restaurant. They sang a couple tunes for the kids, they get totally into it, it is awesome, should have been there.

Temple Square Lights

We made the drive up to SLC to see the temple lights. First off, it was freezing! We were all so cold. We are now way to used to California weather. Brrrrrrrrrr, good thing there is a Starbucks on every block. Second, kindof dissappointed in the lights. Maybe I remember them differently when I was younger because I was younger but I swear the lights used to be way better. They still have a lot but now not every little tree is covered. That is the point of looking at the lights! I think I am going to start a fund for better temple square lights. :) Anyways, Darrins oldest brother David and his family met up with us and that was fun. We did get some great picts, I do like the reflecting pool how they had the statue of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, I think that was my fav part.

I wonder if me thinking layering a ton of shirts and jackets and coats is counter productive because I was still freezing! On another note, we had to keep bending down to take take pictures next to Ethan, it was to cold to keep getting him in and out of the stroller. What a trooper!

Picture takin' time

Here goes, I wanted to get GOOD pictures of our family, Darrin had been working a ton so we never had time to get a fam picture. I decided to try all by myself.

WOW, how on earth do you get 2 little boys to pose together, both looking at the camera, and not move. Pretty much an impossible task.

This is about 15 seconds into the photo shoot. They both started jumping up and down on the chair, like it was the best outing ever. So I decided to try another location that might be more boring.......

Nope, stairs are way to interesting.

I even tried putting them in a decorative basket, nope that didn't work either. The little escape artists.

At last, 100 pictures taken, a mother who you could say is losing her cool, but hey one great picture!

Ethan's 1st Birthday

We celebrated his birthday a week, which meant his G & G Craner could be there. I feel bad because I felt sick and after a week of partying at Thanksgiving and getting ready for the holidays it was super fast and easy. I made it up by kissing him a bunch, so he still knows he is loved. I made him a chocolate cake and I was trying to layer it, but it crumbled and broke so luckily Penny was there, and she did an amazing job fixing it. We still had a great time.

Ethan not knowing what to do with real food, especially CHOCOLATE. Yum.

Oh, wait. He figured it out just fine. He even knows how to attack his mommy with chocolate hands! :)

Colby loves when it is Ethan's birthday, more presents for him to unwrap. Ethan likes the taste of wrapping paper! Good thing he was still happy with a low key birthday.

Happy Birthday Ethan

Bonding Man to .....kid

Darrin got back from work and grabbed a bag of chips to start chowing down...... Colby saw his Daddy do that sooooo he went in the kitchen and grabbed himself a bag of chips. He sat right down by him to be just like his Daddy! Cutest thing ever! They are having a good time.