My Sweet Valentine

Darrin and I decided to spend the evening at home for the big day. We had been playing all week with Darrin's parents and his sisters family so we wanted to have a relaxing evening. Our good friends Kathryn and Bryan watched Colby for us so we could get some needed time to gather supplies. We both love to cook, when I am home during the day HGTV and the Food network are always on! I am learning a lot from all of the cooking shows. We decided to put those skills to use and have a romantic dinner for two. We had a great time, we set the table ( coffee table- for some reason we always eat on it, instead of our actual table! ) for dinner we had sparkling cider, an asian salad, scalloped potatoes and filet for me and rib eye for Darrin! It was delicious! We had a great time cooking and spending time together!

Colby's latest Tricks

Colby loving the first time being in a swing. He is so relaxed and loving life. My favorite thing that Colby does is his headstand. He will crawl a little, do a head stand, crawl a little more do another-It's the cutest thing in the world!

Play Time

Last week my mommy was able to spend the weekend with us. I just loved having here here. No, it's not just because she woke up with Colby every morning- that was just a BIG plus! We where able to explore Rancho, visit some fun shops and we went hot tubbing every night. I had a blast! On Saturday we went back down to Laguna and found a great beach called Treasure Island- it's situated right by a super swanky resort. This is now my new favorite beach. My list of beaches I love keeps getting longer and longer!

a-m-a-z-i-n-g, all I'm saying.

Silly me, see how much I love this place :)