Beauty Go to Gal

It's official! I finally made a blog for my hair and make-up prices. I have been enjoying doing hair and make up A LOT and let's be honest, always have. I have been working on a button for my site but only knowing basics on photo shop.... I need help from my sweet husband!!! Now I am on to making some business cards. I am super giddy right now. Finally up and running!!! Yeah!!!! All smiles here :)

I am wanting to make some comp cards, I will be needing models for make-up/updo's and color. I will do these at cost IF I am allowed to post pictures on my site with the rights to the photo. Email me if you are interested: onebeautylux at gmail ( I am writing my email address kind of funny because I heard spam can be brutal if you write it correctly. Being cautious:)


Colby will not eat anything unless it is salted very well, he individually salt's each chip. He is no longer allowed the salt shaker. (I should do this for Darrin:) It's official, Ethan is on the band wagon. He just asked if he could put salt in his drink!!!

My boys definitely are Craners!!

Family date night

 We haven't been able to go on any dates since we moved to Nebraska and Darrin and I love our date nights! I think everyone who is married should always go on dates but since we don't really know anyone.... well enough, we are doing lots of family dates! The kids are loving this! A couple weeks ago we noticed the fireflies, they are SO much fun. I feel like a little kid, I love to run around and find them, and try to catch them.
For our family date night we had quite the party! We went out for dinner and then we went to the grocery store so the kids could pick out some yummy snacks for our movie night. We all got in our pj's and brought the beds downstairs and watched Cars and all slept in the living room together. Now this type of camping I can do! ( I know if I think that is camping- I am pathetic) We ate popcorn, had lots of snacks, soda and fun. Halfway through the movie it was dark enough outside to go chase the fireflies. Normally our kids go to bed early so they never get to see them but they thought that it was so fun and special to be up this late with mom and dad. They love fireflies, they love chasing them around! We came back in and finished the movie and then Darrin and I stayed up late watching shows. It was so nice having a fun evening with the fam and in the morning I made a killer breakfast (pinterest has the best ideas)  before heading off to the zoo!

Omaha's Zoo- Henry Doorly

I found these to show you how cool this place is, the top is an aquarium that you can walk through with gorgeous fish, sting rays, sharks and lots of cool fish. The next, is of the Lied jungle, one of the worlds largest indoor rainforests!

"Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is nationally renowned for its leadership in animal conservation and research. It features the largest cat complex in North America, "Kingdoms of the Night" is the world's largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp; the Lied Jungle is one of the world's largest indoor rainforest, and the "Desert Dome" is the world's largest indoor desert as well as the largest glazed geodesic dome in the world."

 The Henry Doorly Zoo. We live right down the street and we are so happy about this. The zoo is in the Top 10, it really is amazing and so much fun. The boys and I love going, we haven't missed a week yet. Great getting out of the house activity. It even has an IMAX theater, the boys love seeing shows in 3D. The best part is the price. 99 gets you a year pass and free movies, best bucks ever spent!

 Grandma and Grandpa came with us the first day, we went on the train ride, it is a real steam train. Super fun. The boys loved this, and Ethan especially he LOVES trains!
P.S. Don't you love how Colby is wearing his glasses? He always see's us doing this, gotta love him!!

 Here kids can dig up bones in the rubber pit. Colby and Ethan love this!

In the Rainforest, it is massive!! There are paths the kids can go on under waterfalls, so fun.

Colbys 4th Birthday

 In my perfect world I would need a few weeks to plan and organize a great party....... but not this time. Being busy at the Craner house and having limited packing space for Nebraska, this did not leave a lot of time for party throwing. Actually on Colby's big day we had to drive the last half of the stretch to Omaha:(  Lucky for us, Colby was a GREAT sport.  We woke up at 5 to start driving expecting the boys to fall back asleep, there are NO mountains in Nebraska so the sun was already waking up for the day.... the boys were wired! So, instead Colby wanted a doughnut for his birthday breakfast, with no Krispy Kreme in sight... gas station doughnuts sufficed!

The boys were super happy in the car and when we arrived to Omaha we had a late lunch at Panda Bear ( Panda Express) which is Colby's favorite munching ground. Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Craner have Omaha in their mission so they were able to help us get organized, save Colby's birthday and play with us over the weekend. Colby found a great cake at Costco with balloons on it, we went to the Dollar store and he picked out balloons, ( I love helium, it lasts FOREVER) and Grandma was very generous with finding presents for him there:) Thanks, we didn't pack very many toys, so it was a big help!

 Colby was super excited to have birthday cake and presents! Colby is amazing with electronics and he was bummed that we didn't have a birthday party with friends this year so he was SUPER happy when he opened his big present from us. His very own DS. He is learning and picking up on how to play very quickly. He finally got to open his Toy Story shoes that light up, thanks G&G Miller.

Here is a few of Colby's Favorites:

color- green and blue
toy- trains
song- popcorn, popcorn
food- chocolate doughnut
movie- the shark movie ( we just saw a shark movie at the imax theater)
favorite family activity- reading books

Sometimes I wonder how on earth Colby is my child. He is SUCH a good kid, I am hoping not to screw him up. He really does amaze me. Colby is so sweet and thoughtful and kind. He truly cares about others. Some examples, it would be impossible to name them all, he will put his arm around me, he will always share his toys and take turns, so polite, amazing at saying please and thank you and instead of interupting he taps you on the shoulder and says excuse me, he truly loves Ethan and is an amazing older brother, will help put the grocery's away and asks for chores to do around the house. Each year I love him more and more. He brightens my day and I really learn a lot from him. He truly is amazing and special. I love him.

Happy 4th Birthday, COLBY!!!!

Mothers Day Weekend

We did something different this year, and it was AMAZING!! My older sister and sister in law (side note, I use "in-law" to clarify, I really don't like the term and, of course, think of her as a sister)  were in Mexico, on the beach AND living it UP! Soooo My mom decided to head down to S.L.C. and have a Mother's Day date with Candice and myself! SO SO BRILLIANT. What a thinker!!  :)

Candice and I met my mom at the hotel in S.L.C. during the lunch hour. We stayed at a lovely hotel that was close to the new mall, City Creek (great mall, Utah is finally getting it right). We walked to the new mall and had lunch at Kneaders, than went shopping! Shopping where I didn't have to bring snacks for anyone or say "I will try this on so fast", or bribe! Sooooooooo verrrrry relaxing, we took our sweeeet time.... in every store! This was fabulous and so was the company! After our great shopping excursion we later rode the tram back to the hotel (a couple blocks but since I have never done it, it was fun and not scary. I am branching out :). Before we left the mall we of course grabbed all of the catologs at Hardware Restoration, then went back to the hotel, drank Diet Coke and Mountain Dew while soaking our feet in the hot tub. Awwww, so nice and refreshing.

 Later that evening we walked around the temple grounds and headed to our reservation at The Roof. So lovely! I think that was the first time for all of us and we were seated with a perfect view of the temple. We made a later reservation in the evening so the blinds were going up as we were seated. We saw a great sunset! They had a piano player there, she was great. She played all of the good stuff, Les Mis, Phantom, Clair De Lune; it was perfect. They had great creme brulee, so in other words- it was perfect!! We came home, tried out a fun face mask and watched HGTV.
Sunday morning we woke up and went to the Spoken Word and sat on the 4th row. I have a SUPER mom and am SO very thankful for her. Candice and I had a blast!!!!