One week til the big move

From coming home to the hospital, we had 5 days in Utah until we moved to California. Now understanding how different life is with a new baby, away from family and after a super hard delivery... we should never have moved that soon after. I am glad my mom could stay with us those 5 days until we left to California. It was so nice to have her take care of myself and Colby. Aunt Candice came out and helped take care of us also, such a nice sister. It was hard to leave Candice, always being so close to her, it was hard.

 The delivery was so bad that a week later I was still on a high dosage of pain killers and always carrying around my "doughnut" to sit on. Darrin took a picture of us at the hotel on our trip down to California. Looking back I don't know how we survived. I do know that God gave me a great baby. Colby is the easiest going baby, he never cries and is a very happy baby. Exactly what I needed to make it through.
Looking back, I had post partum blues and was having a hard time with the move. One major change in life is huge but this was 2 right in a row. I am so lucky I found some great friends quickly. I know I was looked after in California and will never forget that.

A Big Day For Colby!

Today Colby had his first car ride.  When our 48 hours were up, we had a busy day planned. We didn't realize how hard the delivery would be or we would have never blessed Colby the day we got back from the hospital. We got home at about 8:15 am. Clarissa was super sore so our little family took a nap and decided to take it easy until family arrived.

Grandma Craner volunteered to give Colby his first bath. The blessing was an amazing experience. The whole family was there but the impact was very low. Everyone was very considerate of Clarissa's pain and all of the grandchildren were very sweet. It was
a beautiful day and we appreciate all of the help, blessings and presents that we received! We have the best family!  

Hospital photos of Colby Darrin Craner

I am shy when it came to not knowing what to expect, so Darrin was the only one allowed in the room with me. My mom and Penny were very sweet and patiently let me have my space and quickly came to the hospital when they found out the baby was born. Here they are in the delivery room holding the newest arrival.

Unto us a... brick is born? Delivery Day!

After 14 hours of Labor and Two and a half hours of pushing, forceps, the doctor had me push an emergency button on the wall and two nurses came in and jumped on my wifes hospital bed and were pushing hard on my wifes stomach, and a few choice words... Colby Darrin Craner came to the world at 19.5" and 9 lbs. He is a little stud with a full head of hair. He has now been alive for 27 hours and cried for a total of 45 seconds. He always has his eyes open and loves to coo. Clarissa is going to have a hard recovery but is doing a little better.

Baby Shower

Penny knows how to throw a shower! I felt so special, it was perfect. I had so much family travel to be here and friends, I got some great things for the baby and it couldn't have been more perfect!

Penny asked Darrin what I would like to eat for the shower, of course, PIZZA! The best food ever. They had Papa John pizza and pizza fruit and lots of Mountain Dew! Perfection!

Super bloated and ready to be done!