Pictures of Colbys First Year

Colby turns 1

Dear Colby

Happy 1st Birthday! I cannot believe you are already one.
I know you will read this when you are older and won’t remember being one but I want you to know what a great year we have had. I will admit, it started out a little shaky. I hated being pregnant and even more I hated delivering you, it was rough but looking back it was worth all of the pain and the weight I put on.
The minute you were laid in my arms, you melted my heart and I will keep on loving you, forever.
First off, you are an amazing baby. You have always been a great sleeper and you will eat anything! Yes, I mean anything I put in front of you.
I feel like right now we are best buddies, and I couldn’t love anything more. I love how you follow my every step and how you must always be by my side. You make me feel so loved and special. I love how you are 100% a mommas boy, and I know it might not be fair to Darrin but I don’t want our bond to ever change. I feel like I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby. Darrin works super hard at his job so that I can be with you during the day and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I love that I am able to raise you without the help of daycare.
Here are some of my favorite things about you; you are a cuddler, 100%, I love it because so am I, I love how wide you open your mouth for every bite of food, I love how you growl as a way of communicating and that you do head stands all the time, I love your expression when you are trying to concentrate, I love how you stick all of the gold fish in your mouth at once, I love your curly hair and how much you have become a water baby.
Those are just a few of the hundreds of things I love about you. Most of all I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU.


Why on earth am I pregnant?

This first trimester is HORRIBLE! I want Colby to have a sibling close in age but I have to say I am seriously considering being done with 2! Being pregnant is so hard. I know it is quite silly to complain about pregnancy because it is supposed to be a wonderful thing but boy do I have a hard time with it. I need to start being the type of person that looks at my cup and says it is half full- instead of how I perceive it.
I must say Darrin has been great! He has putting in long hours at work, plus he is doing side jobs so lately I feel like I don't have a husband. I know he is works hard for Colby and I but sometimes he is so sweet to me, I can't help but feel horrible! Especially right now, he comes home and the house is still a disaster! I can't stand the dishes or making any type of food and I take a nap every day- I am just so tired all the time. I hope this only lasts a few more weeks if that!

What do you all do to help make the first trimester go by easier? What snacks do you eat and how do you get more energy?