On the deck, boots and bikes

First off, I want to say my kids hate to wear pants. The minute they get home they would rather wear t-shirts and underwear. I have a rule when friends and family are over they have to wear pants but sometimes they just like to be a little more free.

Ethan and Colby like their boots!

Grandma Miller and the boys

Colby and Ethan love to take Andy on a walk, luckily it was a good day and not too cold. Notice Colby picked out his shoes, gotta' love his swagger!

Colby loves Andy, he knows it is Grandma's dog but until then it is HIS! He is always in charge of Andy on our walks, he is great with him.

Ethan is my wanderer. Colby will stay to the side of the road and Ethan is oblivious. He just wanders around exploring, which means I watch that kid like a hawk! I will turn my head for a split second and the next he is 20 feet ahead of me and in the middle of the street. I am getting faster on my feet :)

Ethan noticed the neighbors fence had a slight gap, he got close to sneaking in to go find the horses. ;)