Attempted Photo Shoot

 Ethan " Yeah mom, like I can sit up and my brother is going to help"
 "This is just plain funny now"
 "Nope, big brother will not get out of the shot, he wants the spotlight with me"

"Ka-pow" I am a ninja"

So my grand idea of having my baby and my 20 month old cooperate during a photo shoot might have been a little to much to ask. Worth a shot. :)

Ethan's Blessing Day

Ethan is blessed. We are so blessed to add him to our family. He was a surprise but I am so grateful Colby and Ethan are so close in age. They are becoming best buds and I can't wait to watch them grow up together. Ethan is a great baby. I am so thankful he is my healthy, handsome boy! Love him!

I am also thankful my husband is a priesthood holder and can bless him. We are lucky and Darrin's parents and my dad were able to come to California for this day, THANKS!

Myself and the boys

I am in a house filled with boys now. What a lucky girl! Colby is wearing his church outfit Grandma bought him. Who would have thought my boy would be wearing a sweater vest. He looks so handsome. He is officially in nursery now. He used to love being dropped off and could care less about his parents, not anymore. He knows it is coming and just crys and for the most part he sits on one of the leaders laps the whole time. I know it is just a stage but I hope he starts to enjoy himself more. I know it is great nursery, there is great leaders and they do lots of fun activities, sharing time, singing time, snacks and toys. I think I want to be in nursery!

Here is Colby after his nap from church. We decided to let baby Ethan in there and say good afternoon to his big brother. Colby loved it!

What studs.

Here I am, smooching my baby. I could kiss and cuddle with him all day long. I have to get my kisses in right now, to soon my time will be up when they start to say yuck.

p.s. Of course, on the weekend, which is officially Darrin Duty( Darrin is a great husband and takes the night shift on weeknights until the babe sleeps through the night, this way I can get some sleep and am a WAY happier wife!) Ethan slept through the whole night. I think it still might take a few more weeks before it is officially everynight but I hope we are close. Wish us luck!

Sea World

We bought season passes to Sea World. I love this place, the shows here are awesome. ( I would rather have a pass here than a boring aquarium like the one in Monterrey. ( haha, Candice you will like this)
The boys loved driving down to San Diego for the day!

Ethan being a good sport hiding in the stroller; from the sun and all of the people!