Grandpa Craner

Darrin went to Portland over the weekend to attend his Grandpa's funeral. All of his siblings were able to attend. Darrin drove by his old home and I got to see where he used to live. He lived in this house until he was 7 and then his family moved to Utah.

Swimmin' Time

The weather has been a little chilly, even for California. This week my luck changed....this whole week it will be in the mid 70's, which is the perfect temperature. The funny thing is, we have been going to the hot tub and pool for the last month and no one else goes. I think everyone here thinks it is still to cold, they are nuts! It's perfect here! I do wish we lived on a lake, oh well. Here we are playing in the pool.

All Clean!

Colby loves his milk!

Really, do I need to say more!