Taking the small things for granted, BMX

Moving to California has been a great experience for me and a really tough one. I have always lived with or close to family. I was so comfortable always relying on family that I never had to reach far from my comfort zone. When I moved here everything changed. I knew I wouldn't have any family and that it was going to be rough. Luckily we stayed with a great family until we found an apartment which put us into a great ward. I don't think I could have made it here this long without the ward that we have. The girls in my ward have been so great. It is becoming our California family. I have never been the outgoing type or comfortable calling others to hang out but the friends I have made in the ward have made it so easy and they all have been so sweet. It can get lonely talking to a toddler all day- it has been so nice to have park day, hang out, do activities together and trade babysitting or for dates. Just want to say thanks for making a really tough situation easier.

P.S. This message does not mean that blood related family should feel like they are getting off the hook. I love visitors. Please come visit! We miss u! Honestly- how can you turn a face like that down?

Here we are at Huntington watching the awesome bike show, these guys are all crazy good. Huntington Beach always has the funnest events all year long. We first watched a surf competition from the pier. Gotta love the beach!

Canada Fun

One of the greatest places on Earth! I always have such a good time at the lake.