5 Year Anniversary

I have been married for 5 years, that blows my mind. Candice is in town so she was nice enough to babysit the bambino's while Darrin and I went down to San Diego for the weekend. We stayed at the same resort I stayed in high school for my senior trip, Paradise Point. They have separate bungalows for the rooms and a really cool pool, love that place. We drove down to Coronado and looked around, at the hotel, maybe one day we can afford to stay there. That would be a fun little island to live on! We also went to Ruth's Chris for dinner down by the ocean and then the next day we spent it at San Diego. I told Darrin I wanted him to win a stuffed animal for me. We went over to the ring toss, He won a HUGE stuffed animal for me and then I won!! I have never won at one of these types of things, it was great!! What a great anniversary.

Colby turns 2

My boy is 2! That seams crazy. As a mother I could not have asked for a better son. Colby makes me so happy. I often wish I could be a perfect mom for him. Even though he is two, Colby makes me want to become a better person. I look up to my son.
Two years have come so fast, the second I held my son in the hospital after he was born, I was done for, It was instant love. Growing up you know your parents love you and that you love them but YOU really DON'T know how much a parent loves their children, until you experience it for yourself. I truly love Colby, with all of my heart. Each day I get to spend with him I love him more and more. I truly believe that Colby is the sweetest boy. Happy Birthday!Aunt Candice and the Scott family came for the celebration. Here is Colby with his little sweetheart Brynna.

Park Photo Shoot

 There is a gorgeous park right by our place. Candice was in town so perfect timing for an extra hand for photo time! My 2 studs!

My super adorable, handsome boys! They are such good brothers and great munchkins!