Disneyworld take 2

Craners do Disney the right way, this is the second time I get to go to Disneyworld! They are so fun. We went with Greg and Penny and met Matt's family down there.

Darrin and I with Matt's kids: Allison and Sarah.

Darrin and I taking pictures wherever we could. We are in the Epcot Center taking pictures "around the world".

We are in the Animal Kingdom which was my favorite, I loved the safari ride and going on the animal walk, this is like the coolest zoo ever. Disney does it right!

Here I am super sick, the night before I had an extremely high temperature but luckily we traveled with Greg so he started me up on some medicine to get me feeling better in no time. I am pretty sure I had strep.

Here we are in front of the beautiful castle! Did you know you that there is a really nice restaurant inside the castle and you can eat dinner while watching the fireworks, it's awesome.