Guns a'blazing

When Candice and Kayle stayed with us for a couple weeks, we went shooting a couple times. I fell back in love with guns. We sold our guns when we moved to California for Disney passes, I think I want them back! We had a blast. Kayle is great to go with. I totally trust him and he gives me lessons and teaches me all about gun safety. I would NEVER go shooting with someone I didn't fully trust. We had a great time, that hand gun is POWERFUL! Thanks Kayle, Darrin and I had a great time!


 My monkey did not take a nap on Halloween. He needed a quick nap in the car so he could have lots of energy from candy.
 The Man in the Yellow hat and his Monkey- Curious George

I still don't know if my kids really get Halloween but they know they get candy so I guess they get the good part of it. I wonder what they can be for next year, hmmm...........


Craft time

Craft time. Pinterest has quickly became an addictive thing in my life. This is something that is so addicting and gives me the best ideas. I'm starting to love craft time.

 I made a black and orange wreath and had some adorable blocks from last year that I made.

 I already had a monkey costume for Ethan but Darrin and I made Colbys costume, the man in the yellow hat. They are SO handsome!!!  Can you tell we like Curious George:)

Randon Picts

The other night I went to check on Colby and could not find him anywhere. I was starting to panic and look everywhere in his room, his bathroom, Ethan's room, he was NO where to be found. I was going to go to the garage to check if for some crazy reason the door was unlocked and he went out there... nope. Just asleep on the floor right outside Andy's door.

 Sometimes while I am cleaning the basement the boys are off doing there own thing in their adventure land. Today it was playing sleep. I have to say I liked that adventure.
 Ethan is not camera shy. He still will take pictures with me. Yeah!
 Dawn came over to get some fabric and let the boys make and wear necklaces. Thanks Dawn:)

Grandma and Grandpa visit

My parents came to visit in October while Darrin was out of town. Ethan became obsessed with his Grandpa. He would wake up in the morning and naps always looking for his new best friend. Ethan quickly had a favorite and I was replaced. 

I always have a great time when they come and visit. We rode on the plasma car, went to a pumkin patch, visited the temple and made homemade raspberry freezer jam and applesauce. Yummy!! I am ready for the winter, good thing it is sweater season, this stuff is addicting.
 Here is "Paga" and Ethan on the plasma car.
 Ethan scootin down the driveway wishing he was on the plasma car.
 Ethan on the scoot and ride. He has no fear. He will scoot along super fast- face plant and get right back up to do it again but even faster. Hmmm like father like son.
 Colby and Paga carving pumpkins. My dad is an awesome pumpkin carver.
 The boys at the Pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa. The Pumpkin Patch was a ton of fun. We picked out pumpkins, the boys went through the maze, they went on  a hay ride, we had a great time.

 These are some of the many pictures of Ethan with his most favorite person ever. Paga! We can't wait to see you guys again.

Ethan enjoys Gramps all to himself. He would not let Paga put him down the whole week. Thanks for visiting Mom and Dad. We love Ya.