Trumpets Sounding.....

We cut Colby's hair for the summer, I know his lovely hair. (I bet my parents prayers have been answered :) We decided the summer weather is too hot for his curly hair, don't worry it will be back.

His hair short makes him look like he is 4. Crazy how hair does that. We rewarded Colby with chocolate pudding, how could he resist.

The showdown............

Colby can NOT part with his binky but especially his blanket. He drags that thing everywhere! I'm always sneaking around washing his blanket, always without his knowledge.

He caught me, that sly little fella.

Colby was taking his nap, so I innocently snuck his blanket from him and threw it in the wash. My plan was working..... Colby woke up a few hours later. He came stumbling out of his bedroom saying "Blankie, Blankie." I told him to come sit on the couch and I would start a Curious George for him while I went to the garage to get his "Blankie." I went downstairs and forgot to start the dryer. Ug, I was caught. I came back up the stairs with no "Blankie". I tried explaining this to Colby, I even carried him down the stairs and showed him his wet blanket and how it was drying. He was not happy! He was crying and did not understand why he could not have his "Blankie". When I finally calmed him down this is the only look I was getting from him!

Look what I found

The other day I came home and was busy chatting away on my phone, when I finished I went into the boys bedroom to see what my Munchkin was doing....... Colby was hiding behind his stuffed animals guzzling down my Coke. He drank all of it, it was completely full! I should have known. Silly, boy.

He sure likes mommy's soda. Yummmmy!

Fathers Day

Colby and I surprised Darrin with a card and cake for Fathers Day. Colby loved decorating the cake, he added LOTS of sprinkles and fish. We had a blast. Darrin is the best father in the entire world. My kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful father.

We love You!

Darrin is so sweet and let Colby dig in!

Garden Time

Darrin came home NEEDING to have planter boxes? When Darrin wants something he HAS to have it right then. So I told him he needed to wait a couple weeks, I was hoping that if he waited his impulse would change. Of course, he did not. Needless to say we got great planter boxes at Home Depot. Now we have cilantro at all time! We have one box with herbs and one with hot, hot, hot peppers. Colby and Darrin love their garden.

Random Picture Update

I have actually been trying to have photo shoot sessions with my children but they are NOT cooperating. They do not think it is very fun. Here r some picts that I like.

This is before I started putting Ethan in the crib. I decided to bring the porta-crib into the room and see if Colby would stay put in their room now that Ethan was there. A while later I came in to check on things and this is what I found. Colby loves his brother!

Ethan has been rolling on to his tummy for a while but he now is trying to figure out how to get back over. A couple times he has got the hang of things.

Colby has been in a toddler bed for a long time, since he was 16 months old, which is really early. Although he loves his toddler bed he sometimes has a problem staying in the bed. During nap time I heard a thud, so I walked by his room and found him asleep on his bedroom floor. That kid has the hardest time actually staying in his bed. He is a crazy sleeper!

Brynna and Colby loving playing at the bottom of our stairs. Brynna is showing Colby the ropes. She is teaching him how to unlock the door, yes, even the dead bolt. Thanks Nina( what Colby calls her) : ) Since this incident we have purchased an additional lock for our doors that the kids can't reach.

Aunt Candice and Colby

Yeah- for Aunt Candice. She was able to spend 3 weeks here. We had a blast. It is not that often you get to hang out with your sister for that long, especially now that we are married and don't live by each other. I am sad that she has to be away from Kayle for 10+ weeks but we had a blast together. Colby is quite her little admirer.

Sometimes I wonder if he is around his mother too much. He has seen me do one too many hair cuts and colors. Here Colby is seriously combing through Aunt Candy's hair.

Here is Colby getting ready to go to the pool. What killer hair! Why couldn't I get that...

If you notice closely, he has to have his most genuine smile... he is "secretly" going through Candice's purse!

Colby's Basket photo session

What a stud! Love his curly hair!