Prom Updos

I was able to do my cousin and her friends hair and make up for prom, I think they look super cute!!

Joseph's Birthday Party

Lately Colby has been obsessed with birthdays. Whenever he finds out it is someones birthday he gets SO excited, and talks about it non stop. He also loves birthday cake. For about a month he would wake up and tell me it was his birthday, or if we were going anywhere, to the store, gas station he thought we were going to a birthday party. I was so excited when his cousin Joseph turned 5 and invited him to his birthday, we had a real party to attend and it was a blast. The party was at a jump house in Pleasant Grove- it had like 15 huge jump houses, with obstacles and lots of fun slides. As Colby would say "AWESOME".

Cousins Christopher, Colby and birthday boy Joseph. We dig Joseph's hair, Colby and Joseph have matching hair so from behind I can never tell them apart.

Aunt Tammy taking Ethan down the slide. Aunt Tammy won Ethan over that night. His new best pal.

Us going down the slide as a family.


We had a great Easter!!! Darrin and I got these adorable Easter buckets at Target for 2 bucks! If you look closely Ethan's basket is full of Nuk nipples for his bottle, he is a bottle snob and has to have the 0-3 month nipples or he FREAKS out, he won't drink his milk and refuses to sleep. Good thing the Easter bunny knows what he is doing!

Here is Colby opening his basket, we hid Easter eggs around the room, Colby and Ethan went around finding them. Ethan did a surprisingly good job finding them, he sure knows how to keep up with his big brother.

Here is Ethan hiding from mommy, Is it poop or chocolate???? ( Baby Mama, everyone who has been pregnant should see that movie, so funny) Luckily it was chocolate, do I even need to say.... bath time!

The Craner Fam got together after church and had a great Easter dinner and had a super fun scavenger hunt. Each of the oldest neices or nephews got a group of the younger nieces/ nephews. Each group were given clues and took their group looking for the goods. All of the kids had a great time! Colby's leader was Savannah and Chelsea and Tyler were in his group.

Caden and Michelle

Our good friends Caden and Michelle came to visit! We sure miss them!!!! Every time we get together, we have such a good time. Colby was so excited to see his buddy. the minute they came over Colby was ecstatic, they acted like they were never apart. Michelle and Chad's families are from Utah so we are very lucky and hopefully will get to see them a lot more. (hint, hint) We had a great time with you guys and can't wait to see you again. The last day we saw them we took the kids to the Bean Museum at BYU ( no not actual beans, I assumed it was a museum about beans, the name confused me- I'm glad I was wrong) and played at McDonald's after.

I love those grins!

Michelle was my home away from home in California, they are the sweetest family ever. Whenever I hung around Michelle I thought of my sister. The sweetest girl ever, I always wanted to be better whenever I was around her. She truly amazes me. I miss her!!