Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures. I realize that most of them are of Colby, but rest assured that we love both of our kids very much.

He likes Aunt Jill's blanket... Thanks Jill!

Extreme Toy Truck Riding.


He likes to play at the mail boxes.

He loves his toy box!

Is it Possible.....

Is it possible to be home sick for your husband? Well, I think so. Darrin is my family, the only person that I have down here in California and he is gone all of the time. He has had to work some CRAZY hours lately and has to go out of town a lot. I am just complaining because it is night time and I HATE being home alone at night. I am home sick for my hubby!!!! ( Don't get me wrong, he has a nice boss, and has a job in a terrible economy, so I am thankful for that- just complaining to complain)
I spent the night at my friend, Kathryn, last night, I was joking with her that it's sad that my husband and her husband have stayed in a hotel together more times than I have stayed in a hotel with my husband. (Tehe :)
I have also learned something about myself, I am not motivated to do anything when Darrin is away. I think of all of these great things to do to keep myself busy like cleaning my house, it is never perfect with kids, but instead, the minute I put my chitlens to bed I go on shutdown mode. I feel like a zombie. I want to sit on my couch, talk to fam and relax. I need to be more self motivated and reliant.