Colby's 3rd Birthday

Colby turns 3. Boy was he excited. This year was the first time I invited friends and made it an actual party. Colby loves Toy Story, so I attempted a toy story theme. I think it was a success. The kids had popcorn, bananas and chocolate dipped strawberry's, plus pizza and cake. Lots of yummy food. I even attempted my crafty side and made a birthday sign.

Here is the gang- getting excited for food. Of course Colby and Christopher with their camera ready smiles.

Colby and pals enjoying sidewalk chalk. We also had bubbles, lots of cars to ride around in, swing set etc. With boys, I am learning fast that it is go, go and go.

I had to throw this picture in of Ethan. He could care less about presents he still wasn't done with the bubbles. Such a laid back kid, I love him.

Colby had a great Birthday. Thanks everyone for coming and making it special!

Each year Colby steals more and more of my heart. Colby is an amazing older brother, always looking out for Ethan. Colby loves to help his mom and dad. Colby is always going a million miles an hour and is super adventurous. He is always going to have lots of good friends, everyone he sees he gets excited about, everyone is his friend. If they are 1 or 50 Colby counts them as his best bud. Colby is truly amazing, love you!!!