Sedona, AZ

What a beautiful and quaint town. Sedona has a tons of beautiful red rocks everywhere. Cliffs with lots of green. It's a small town and has an artsy vibe. The Poyfairs talked us going to Red Rock where a ton of people go in the summer to go swimming. It is a fresh stream of water that is FREEZING and people slide down it and there are small cliffs in areas where you can jump from, Darrin did of course but I didn't! I don't dig heights very well. We had a lot of fun with the Poyfairs.

Darrin posing, I dig it :)

The Poyfair clan, this is Darrin's older brother: Top row- Pat and Karli Bottom row- Dallin, Kristen, Dustin and Katelyn

Darrin in the freezing cold water!!!!

Girls Trip to Canada

I was able to fly up to Boise and go on a girls trip to Canada with my mom and both of my sisters, this trip was so much fun!
Candice and I enjoying the lake on our floaties, awwww pure bliss!

My mom and my niece Kylie!
I just love this picture, Kylie is the oldest grandchild on the Miller side. Here is a picture with Grandma Miller and her Great Grandma Byers. 3 generation picture, how neat!