Boise = PARTY

Boise is always a blast. Candice and I have been able to see each other a lot these last couple of months and it has been so much fun. Colby and Ethan love Charlotte. Alright so Colby is great with her and Ethan and Charlotte clash some BUT by the end they were playing great together. Her they are giving her some L O V E!

( AND of course, Colby with no pants, I know we are working on that, my kids would be great at a nudist colony:)

Ethan has had a rougher time lately. With Darrin being gone for 3 weeks, me constantly working on the house and yard( 5 TOUGH) and trying to get packed for Omaha, busy- is an understatement. I headed up to Boise for a little fun! By this point Ethan has had it, and is exhausted. He had a rough time going to sleep and when I was checking up on him... this is what I found. He is in my suitcase!!! He had fallen asleep like this. The funny thing is, there were paper and things on the bottom, so it couldn't have been comfortable it's a duffel bag. Exhausted after his tantrum, he is still a keeper!

I am trying to organize all of my pictures and my conclusion is... I have almost none of myself or Darrin. I always wished my parents had more of themselves, but now being a parent, I have noticed it is hard to remember. This is before church. I also discovered posed picture with both kids smiling are nearly impossible, from now on it's going to be candid!

The munchkins exhausted from lots of playing at Grandma's!! On our way back home:)

We had a great time in Boise! We stopped at Nat and Cob's house to play with the cousins and spent the night there. Natalie showed me that there is stuff to do in Burley............ well they have a great mexican food place and yogurt shop:) 

Went swimming at the Dunkleys! Oh, how I love that they heat the pool to 90! Awesome! Not so awesome that Colby freaked out with his swimming lessons, like hysterical- thanks for getting me through that, Ju! Ethan loved them, and Colby did too, well after he was out of the pool! Swim lessons are going to be fun this summer!!

Lot's of yummy food, Idaho Pizza Company and Westside will be missed, best garden burgers ever!!! Of course my moms food.

The bunk beds, along with the trampoline, books, bath time, grandpa making them awesome breakfasts every morning and me getting to sleep in, why do I ever leave???

P.S. Juliann, love the moves at night............ Candice thought we were soooooo FUNNY!!!!!!!!