Our First Christmas Tree

This is our first Christmas tree! This might sound a little silly but seeing our tree decorated makes me feel like Darrin and I are more of a family. It is fun starting our own family traditions. I had a great time today decorating the tree with my hubby.

Official Induction Date

Yeah! I thought this day would never come fast enough but it has finally arrived. My Ob Doc finally was able to give me an official Induction date- December 3!!!! I knew from the beginning that I would be scheduled for an early induction but my doctor has never given me an official okay until today. I feel so relieved and happy right now. I will be able to be induced a week early which will be much needed. My last ultrasound showed that Ethan was already 6 1/2 pounds so by the time I get induced I should have a 7 1/2 -8 pound bundle of joy. A much more manageable size. I am so ready to be done with being pregnant. I respect all girls who can have multiple pregnancy's in a row. This one has finished me, I am exhausted and can't wait not to be pregnant. I will take having two kids close together any day of the week than being pregnant. SO EXCITED! The end is finally insight. Yeah!