Pregnancy Cravings...

I have been lazy all week and Sunday was no exception, it was snack time and tonight's craving was toast so what do I do....Darrin! Not plain toast- toast with peanut butter and jam. I realized that this must have been new to Darrin since it proved to be a difficult task, or maybe he struggled so next time I will make my own snack. Apparently he didn't realize that if you put the jam on first it is next to impossible to spread the peanut butter. I was wondering what was taking him so long. I can't complain, but eating toast with the jam on bottom and peanut butter on the top!? ...well it just doesn't taste the same. Lucky for me the second toast tasted much better. If they only offered these classes at the Y.

Can u tell what we're having????

Our little tyke sure wants to show off in this picture. Meanwhile as much fun it is to feel the baby kick my ribs and not sleep on my stomach...I am excited for the day this baby is coming. I am now consistently measuring 2 1/2 weeks big and the scale keeps climbing(I suspect all doctor scales purposely weigh in heavier)- the day is coming where I can comfortably where jeans and heavy clothes any day of the week instead of light spring dresses that do not weigh a pound for vanity sake. Well, Darrin and I have set up the travel bed and are now impatiently waiting the arrival of our first born. Oops that reminds me I better start using this pregnant thing to my advantage!!!