ME, scared........

Not that this comes to anyones surprise, I am still completely scared of the dark. Darrin has been out of town the last couple of nights and so my parents were nice enough to come down and visit during this time. My parents could not stay the entire time so I had a girls night where two of my nieces came over for a sleepover. It was super fun, we painted nails, ordered pizza and watched a lot of Community- it was great.
Sunday came along and the girls went back home and the boys and I went to church and did are normal Sunday routine. I put the kids to bed at 7 and even though it was already dark outside I wasn't nervous because I new Darrin would be home by 9 or 10. I can handle being by myself until bedtime.......right? Well not anymore.
Let me just emphasize this: I am a crazy psycho person when it comes to feeling safe. I figure if I do everything I can to be safe than God will help me out by keeping creepy people away and we can have a nice mutual agreement. ( Don't quote me on my theory- it's a little out there) Anyways, I always make sure windows are locked and if I ever open one, it always gets locked again. I have every door locked at all times. I like feeling safe. When I have my own place I will have a big dog and a security system, maybe throw in some self defense and karate classes.
I always side with caution when it comes to situations I would rather not be in. Ex, I will now never have a cable or repair person come to the house when I am home alone, I always park in well lit areas, I always talk on my phone in case something does happen the person I am talking too will know what to do, I always hold my keys in between my fingers while walking to the car in case I need to punch someone. I get very anxious about certain situations, so I always try to be prepared and always try to avoid these situations- if I can. In California, a cable repair guy came while Darrin was at work, I hid all of my knives randomly throughout the house so he wouldn't know where any sharp object were kept and so I would have the advantage if I needed it. Seriously I did. This is how crazy and extreme I am with my irrational fear of some guy trying to get me, silly but I have it.
Now that you have enough of my back story, and are now thinking........ well I don't think I want to know what you are thinking. Okay, back to Sunday. It is about 8pm and I am just checking emails when I thought I should go feed Andy (the dog) some dinner. I went in and turned on the lights when all of a sudden, he starts barking like CRAZY. He runs out of his room through the doggie door barking frantically. (this dog does not bark unless it is a must) I am now starring at the door and realize that his door is unlocked, my kids and I never use that door. Now I have lost it. I decide to start calling people on my cell phone to see who can calm me down. I call Dawn to see if she can come over, so she immediately hops in her car but now I have to wait 10-15 minutes. Until then, I can be blunged to death. Lucid imagination, I know. This is why I never watch scary movies, my imagination is way better:) I try calling Spencer because lets face the facts he is always amazing with words, I did think to call my husband but he is with a bunch of guys and I don't want them all to know my craziness, even though now I am blogging about it so now everyone can know. Well, Spenc doesn't answer so I call Candice, she answers and at this point I am balling hysterically. The first thing she says is "Don't worry, why don't you just go and get your mace," now I am crying even harder because I am now explaining to her that I don't have any. Candice did do a good job calming down after the mace incident:) Luckily Dawn came and everything worked out, and now I officially have my own Mace. YEAH!!!!


Ethan's Newest look

In a couple of days Ethan has a new look, he makes the most adorable face. Through out the day he will just look over at you and give you the biggest grin... while doing so he is forever squinting one eye. I promise I am not holding a flash light up to the kid. I love it! This new look brightens my day and puts a BIG smile on my face.

Bakin' with Colby

Today was chilly outside and was a lazy day. I have not been in the mood to cook at all this week and I noticed my bananas were looking quite sad and forgotten. While Ethan was taking his afternoon nap Colby and I decided to make banana bread.
Okay, so on occasion I may loose my patience every once in a while, hmmm imagine that. I was trying to think of jobs for Colby to do while helping me make the bread. He wanted to help sooo badly. His first was to unwrap the butter, he did a great job, next he helped stir all of the dry ingredients, also fantastic. His final job as my sous-chef, to help put all of the dry ingredients into the mixer. I told him he needed to be super careful so the ingredients could make it into the mixer. As he was scooping the ingredients out he happened to scoop a lot onto me. I let out a kind of loud arrrrr, in frustration. Normally I would have been way more frustrated and would than say he was done helping. I surprised myself and kept my cool. I sometimes shock myself :)   I was just starting to look down at my clothes to see how much spilled out and if I should adjust the recipe. Anyways, I look over and you could tell Colby felt horrible, he was slowly putting his spoon down and looked at me and said "I am all done now?" as he was climbing down his stool. I quickly smiled and explained the bread would be just fine and so would mommy. Colby loves banana bread and kept sneaking away with Ethan's. Cooking with kids is messy but I love it, I have the best job ever.


Okay, so I have kind of been horrible about being social since we moved back, it seemed easier in California. I have been a hermit. Being in Payson, where we live in an established ward, there is not a lot- of stay at home moms or  park day. I miss park days. :(  Anyways,  I signed up for a ton of upcoming MBASA things. ( MBA- spouses association) In the mean time I have been in super craft mode and starting to be more social.
Darrin's really good friend from high school lives here and they have 4 boys. Yesterday we went on a walk to Bridal Veil falls with their 2 youngest. I haven't been to the falls in so long, it's a super short walk so definetly kid friendly and it is gorgeous. The fall colors are peaking through- I want to go again soon. Aubrey and I had a great time with the kiddos. Colby and Tad are quickly becoming friends, they were playing freeze and making funny faces while running around, so adorable together. By the way, I LOVE listening to kid conversations. They say the cutest things.

Here they are having a good time

Ethan and Kel content in the stroller, chillin