Potty Training Experiance

( Colby receives stickers after going pee pee in the toilet and in this picture he is covered in chocolate, we took him for ice cream after pooping in the toilet for the first time)

We have been potty training Colby. About a month ago I had my first attempt and after 2 hours I decided this was silly and left it alone. A month ago I was sleeping in on Saturday and I could hear Darrin starting Colby on the potty training process. We figured the weekend would be perfect since Darrin was home.
I don't do so well with #2, I have an amazing gag reflux. After a couple days of being BUTT NAKED Colby was starting to get #1 down, he would have one or two accidents not making it to the toilet in time, but he was getting it #2 was a little different. Every 5th or 6th time he would make it to the toilet for the big dead- all the other times I would throw his underwear away or wash the carpet extremely well.
Week 1- #1 is almost a done deal. Colby stays dry at nap and at bedtime. If he has to go, he will wake up to go potty and go back to bed. #2 not so hot, I think he went maybe three times in the toilet.
Week 2- I was welcome to have Darrin home for a few days to help revive my spirits. Darrin took Colby to Lowes and Colby needed to go #1. Darrin took him into the bathroom and Darrin put Colby on the toilet and must have forgot how small his behind is.....yep he fell in the toilet. Needless to say we went a little backwards with going out in public places and having to use the restroom.
We did discover that Colby keeps going to the bathroom a ton- like 10 times before he actually poops. We found his sign! Which apparently is all we needed. Later that week Grandma Miller came and taught Colby how to go #1 standing up. He gets to see that pee pee makes bubbles, he now loves to make bubbles in the toilet. Now, thanks to Grandma going in public restrooms is okay. We haven't had to go #2 in a public place yet but number 1 is now fun no matter where he is.
Week 4- I don't know what the true definition of potty trained is, aiming and wiping will be in the works for a while but for us I think he is official. He wears big boy underwear and only has the occasional accident on rare occasions. I was SUPER nervous about potty training but I am so glad Colby did such a good job. He is such a big boy!


When we first moved here we bought a barbecue for our deck, we always had a good time cooking- a year later we realized it is illegal to have a barbecue on a deck in an apartment complex. Now that we can't use it we only used our deck for our trash can until we hauled it off to the dumpster.

Our deck is now being properly used, we went and bought some outdoor furniture. The weather is always so nice, we now use our deck all the time. Darrin even planted some new herbs and flowers and strung lights for the perfect ambiance.