Blogging away...

Colby often decides to lay by me while I play on the computer. He must have been tired. Look at how he fell asleep, it's the strangest position, okay I mean cutest!!!

What did I get myself into......

I have decided to get myself super involved with church. Since I have no family down here there is a need to get out of my comfort zone and make some new friends (We don't want Kathryn and Bryan to get sick of us). In my new ward I've started going to playgroup every Thursday which has been great meeting lots of fun young moms.
Now it's time to expand. Sunday I signed up for everything possible. First, enrichment night. We are making a Thanksgiving feast probably so us young moms will know what to do. I am excited and this might prove helpful in case it's just Darrin and I this year. Also I signed up to feed the missionaries, which also is a first. Now that we have Colby I want to feed the missionaries as much as possible. When Colby decides to go on a mission my hope is he will get fed meals often. Positive thinking!
The next sign up sheet was for Halloween. So, I signed up for desert. After church I told Darrin about the desert when he informed me that he signed us up for the a Chili cook off that just happened to be for the same meal. He wants to make it super spicy, he thinks that is what will win the cook off. I informed him that he must be able to eat a whole bowl with out gulping down Mountain Dew.
That is when I realized I might have taken on way to much. But no, Silly me, I signed up to call 10 pages of residents and ask how they are voting on Prop 8. This has now moved way out of my comfort zone. Tonight was the first night of calling. My first page and a half all were voting No to Prop 8. I have no idea how other people's call lists are going but my results made me so sad and mad at everyone who is voting NO. Pray for me that I will be able to talk some sense into these people.
So in the end, I think that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I hope that everything turns out okay. Pray for me!

Our Place

Hollywood Bowl

John Williams? Does that ring a bell? Well, if it doesn't don't feel bad, I had know idea who he was until Darrin told me. Seriously though, he is brilliant and truly a legend. Corny but I believe it after witnessing this concert. He is getting older in age and he seems like the sweetest talented old man who is also very humble. I am glad we decided to attend the concert.
First, the Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater, nestled in the Hollywood hills. There is a park right outside where lots of people come to have a little picnic before the concert. We, of course, learned the hard way since we did not eat before hand and the food there was so expensive. (Coke makes a great dinner) Other than the food price, this was a great experience and plan on attending many more. Plus you can get very inexpensive tickets ($10) for some great performers.
Mr. Williams wrote the scores for movies like Star Wars, Superman, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T., Close Encounters of the third kind, The Olympic Theme, and Hook. (just to name a few). He also performed some songs that night from classic movies like Singing In The Rain, Sabrina and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
It was an Amazing Evening.