Happy Birthday Darrin

The big 26. I remember him saying he has always wanted to be a young father. I hope 26 still qualifies him. We have been married three years now and hope to have a million more to come. Darrin always amazes me. He is always so sweet and thoughtful and teaches me how to be a better person. I love how quick he is to share and how willing he is to help others. I must thank his friends and family. Darrin had a lot of great examples growing up and I can see that everyday. He knows what is important in life. One of my favorite things about him is how spontaneous and fun he is, I love that! I always want to spend every minute with him.

Lots of Love
Clarissa and Colby

Ants, Ants and more Ants

I hate ants and any type of creature that can crawl around. Insects scare the crap out of me. If you don't believe me ask anyone who has lived with me. I scream bloody murder when I see them. Totally freaked about bugs! Well, let me tell you I have never thought of ants to bother me- normally I only see them outside. Now they are in my home and must be added to my Creepy Crawly Creature Hate List. Rancho is infested with ants. The church has them, a couple of weeks ago I left right after sacrament because they were crawling up my leg! Shiver!!! Now they have come to my apartment. They have messed with the wrong person. I'm so petrified of the creatures that when I am finally brave enough to kill one- I kill with loads of anger. Lately I walk around my house with Ant Raid. Every time I see one I spray them like a crazy lady who has gone mad. It's like I am carrying around mace to protect myself from harm. Except I am scared of little ants instead of some intruder. Luckily the ants are not in the kitchen, at least yet. Which I find very odd but of all places they are in my bedroom. Hello- that is supposed to be my sanctuary. I am now scared of my bedroom. : ( I must kill them all. I can't wait till Colby is older. I will buy him a magnifying glass and tell him to start helping me kill the ants!!

G & G Miller, and The Angel's Game

This weekend we moved out of the pool house, ( which we will miss-that place was awesome) and into our own apartment. Wow! We have not had one of those for 2 1/2 years. I am very excited to have our own place. The down side, I am horrible with change and reality struck- I am now officially home by self with the baby. Before I always had company when Darrin was away. His parents, the Scott's but now it's just me. I will need to think of things to keep me busy until I get used to this. I could unpack everything but I do not want to at all.
When we moved into our new ward we asked if they could help us move, which is the first time we have ever asked the church for help. Darrin said 14 people raised their hand to help us move so we were hoping on five. Darrin got started moving the heavy stuff with the help of Richard and Bryan so it was my job to go to the church and bring the help to the storage unit. I got there and not one person was there. I did not know what to think. My dad was with me, I was embarrassed- here we thought we had an awesome ward and not one person comes to show up. I call Darrin to tell him the bad news and that I would wait 15 more minutes and then take off. As we were about to leave my Dad decided to see if there was a phone number on a church door for the bishop so we could see if we could get some help. As he was doing this he saw a huge group of cars and people just waiting on the other side of the church building. ( I know what you are thinking, I drove by that side but the parking lot tucks away so I missed seeing all of the cars) Including us we had 11 people help us. Such a relieve!
My parents came down and helped us move from Glendora to our apartment in Rancho Cucamonga. Which was a huge help. Colby loves having extra attention. After a lot of hard work trying to get organized Saturday night we went to our first Major League baseball game at the Angel Stadium. We had a blast, we were able to see some great plays.

Regret- Oops!

Everyone knows Colby was born May 16th. I was some what nauseated but I can not make any excuses. I should have been working out during my pregnancy. Wait, let me go back I should have been working out since I got married but have not been. I gained 40 pounds with my darling boy and am having the hardest time getting these extra pounds off. So, for all of those mothers out there, I need some workout and eating advise. Any good recipes, wait let me rephrase. Healthy recipes, that taste good? In dire need of advise!

Hansome baby boy

From the rate that Colby is growing I seem to forget that he is still so young. I keep forgetting that he needs so many naps and that he sleeps so much. Babies sleep so much. I am shocked by that. I keep thinking each day he gets older he will not take one of his naps or they will go down considerably in time, like maybe only sleep 5 minutes instead of 2 or 3 hours. I am wrong.

Not quite ready.... still cute

Colby is trying out Bynna's bouncer, he can only hold his head up for a little while, it's still to much work for the little guy. Maybe in a month we will try it again.