Brotherly Love

Ethan gets so much love and attention. Colby is always wanting to help. He loves to hold the baby, wake the baby up, he even gets the bulb thing and tries getting the snot out of babies nose. Colby also helps burp the baby after he eats, and loves to say good morning to baby while baby is still asleep. If anything this kid LOVES his baby brother too much. :) I am glad Colby has accepted his brother with so much love. Baby Ethan gets lots of kisses from Colby.

Boys being boys

Colby has started to realize what a video game is. I really thought I had a longer time frame, boy, was I wrong. I don't mind a little boy time.
He has also discovered the art of melting my heart. Colby is in the cutest stage, don't get me wrong- he can be a handful but with his killer personality it's hard to stay mad.
He has also discovered his smile, he is not camera shy!
What a STUD!