Great chapter ending, new one forming

My husband, Darrin- loves to learn and he is quite good at it. Have you ever met someone or are the person who is naturally great at school. Of course, you work hard I know that but you pick up things fast and speak the text book language. Myself, not one, would love it but nope.. on the other hand Darrin is that person.
He bought some GMAT books at Barnes and Noble and after a few months decided he wanted to take the GMAT. We were both very nervous, not having a lot of study time while working and having some family time we decided after a short period it was time to for him to take the test. We were nervous because it is always best to get a good score and not have to redo the test, added pressure. The GMAT is a HUGE test, and a huge part of getting into MBA school. I never knew this but with the GMAT the test adapts to how well you are doing, it is crucial you start out well, and keep it up, crazy how smart tests are getting. 50% is Quantative (math) and 50% verbal.
We were shocked but he got a great score! (well he was shocked but I know how smart he is) We knew that an MBA program was now possible.
Everything started moving in place, we finally realize that all along certain things never happened and I believe it was an answer to our prayers. Darrin got accepted into BYU's MBA program for the fall of 2011! YEAH! It all happened so fast and was pretty unexpected. We are moving in 2 weeks which is a little quicker than we expected, but we will move into Darrin's parents house, thanks Greg and Penny, and we will get to house sit while they go on a mission.

I know sometimes I feel like prayers go unanswered (like finding a house) but now I know that is for a reason, God always has a reason even if it is by not answering back right away. Things always happen for a reason. Things are sliding into place and it makes me know that moving and all of these big changes are the right thing for our family. That is all I want, I want my family to be happy and loved.

Thanks everyone for all of your support.

Colby and Caden

These 2 are best buds. Tonight Caden came over while his parents went out, we have a great time trading for date night. I was making them some Mac and Cheese and I turn around and I see this..

The first picture Colby is smiling all adorable and Caden is distracted by the tv but still a great smile.

roles reverse

Caden is now picture perfect and Colby is smiling but watching the tv and this is what I get. I LOVE IT! This picture just makes me laugh.

Ethan, hanging out below wishing he was a little older so he can play with the big boys.

Happy Valentines Day!

My 2 handsome boys! I found these adorable shirts at Target, I couldn't turn it down. Now I have 3 boys for Valentines Day, I am so lucky! Colby's shirt says "Love Stinks" with Pepe Le Pew on it, and Ethan has a big heart and Mickey that says "Momma's Boy".

My Mommy Came to play!

Okay, well technically she was not coming down for a couple weeks but she moved her flight up for me! I guess that's what happens when you call your mom crying. Hmmmm... I should do that more often!
I have been sick for the entire month of January, finally I couldn't take it anymore and got on some antibiotics. I feel much better now. Since January was so crazy, I was totally neglecting my duties, my super Mommy came to save the day! She spoiled my children, she always brings them pj's, toys and books. By the second day my kids new that MaGa's suitcase held fun treasures. They were in Heaven. I was in Heaven, my mom took care of the kids at night, let me sleep in, made me tons of delicious food( she should be a professional cook) and cleaned my entire house. Awww, how nice.

Funny story
I always try and replicate my moms potato cheese soup, it is alright but nothing amazing. Darrin and I will still eat it. Every time my Mom is in town I have her make it for me, that day my mom had to leave but still made the soup for us. When Darrin got home, we started eating her delicious soup. He thought I made it since my mom was already gone. He looked at me and said "What did you do different this time, it is sooo good!" I said "My Mom made it." I just laughed, luckily I was in a good mood so he didn't get in trouble.
Yes, it is that good! Yum, now I am craving it.

We are sad MaGa left. (Colby switches Grandma around and now he calls both of his grandmas MA-Ga. He is sometimes a little dyslexic, I think I do that sometimes)

Scared of the dark

Okay, I know what others are thinking, you are a grown woman, adult, mother of 2 kids, how are you possibly scared of the dark.

I am! Isn't that silly.

Darrin sometimes has to go to work early, yesterday he left at 2:30 am. I woke up at 3:30 and just knowing he is already gone makes me scared. So what does an irrational gal do, I get up, check on the kids, check all of the doors, turn on some lights and then sit in front of the computer. Finally at 5 I decide the big attempt; going back to sleep. Colby and Ethan woke me up at 6 so I did catch a few zzzz's.

Why on earth do I think such crazy things at night, I am so unreasonable. Maybe I should take self defense or sleep with mace or get a body guard. Yeah, I like the last one.

Tonight I am off to bed early!

My munchkin update

*sweet kid, always cares about others feelings
*pets his brothers head, while Ethan gets his diaper changed, than takes it to the garbage (when it is poopy, he waves his hand in front of his nose, and says "Ewww, stinky butt")
*hates wearing pants, always in a shirt and underwear
*loves his blankie, brings it everywhere
*chases Ethan around, and make Ethan laugh so hard, adorable.
*is Ethan's protector. When Ethan gets stuck, he will come get me, when Ethan wakes up, he likes Ethan to sit on his lap, he will protect him from everything, he is an amazing older brother

*loves doing head stands
*loves taking his brothers chocolate milk, and juice
*cuddles for 2 seconds and than he is off to explore
*goes to bed a 6, doesn't even like to cuddle, I put him in his crib with a bottle and doesn't fuss once
*wakes up at 6-6:30, down side ;)
*books it- the instant I put him down, major explorer!
*loves to play with Colby's hair

both Colby and Ethan

*they spin in circles, until they fall laughing and smiling
*if one cries the other will start, they hate seeing each other sad
*if I put them to bed at the same time, I will hear them laughing, in the morning I will find lots of toys in Ethan's crib thanks to his big bro

Love my boys! they are a lot of work, every day they make me smile. I don't get paid but they are worth everything to me. When I see Colby and Ethan's faces I know that everything is okay and that all the money or the worldly things in the world will never take away how happy they make me. Even on rough days, one smile or one big hug, it makes it all worth it.

Mommy loves You!