Panama City Beach

We had a Blast!
The Sand was incredible and the water was crystal clear! Gabe and Carrie know how to show people a good time. We went to the beach every day and learned to surf and scoop up Jelly fish and throw them on the sand. We took one day and went to a sink hole lake that was a mile across and a thousand feet deep and went wakeboarding and barbecued.


One of the pictures is of Clarissa learning how to windsurf and another is Darrin sitting in a chair with his wakeboard on about to attempt a 300 foot beach start (it did not go so well). We are definitely going to go back some day. Gabe and Carrie said that anyone is welcome any time.

Here is Gabe and Carrie's house. This house was so cool. The downstairs could be blocked off and turned into a rental. On the third floor was the master suite and you walked up a spiral staircase to get to it, this was an awesome house and a walk across the street to the beach! So cool.

Some Guy Wakeboarding

Here's a little video of some guy who thinks pretty highly of himself to make a video which only shows... well himself. He has requested that we not reveal his identity.

Famous Rainbow Bridge, It was SO hot that day, and like me I did not put sunscreen on, I learned that when you are in a boat all day, you need it. It might not feel like it; when you are going fast and you feel the wonderful wind on your body, but you do. You still get fried!!! Such a great sight but WOW I got fried like a lobster. :(

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was a great trip! We went with Scott and Dawn's family and Pat. We didn't realize how much there was to do there. Since we only had a couple of days we only saw the most popular sites. One day we went to a canon sponsored photography workshop. They gave us Rebel SLR's to use during the class and broke us into groups with our own instructors. They taught us how to use the cameras and play with the histogram. At the end they took our memory cards and burned the photos onto a CD Rom. It was a great experience!
We wanted to go on a hike but we did not have enough time. We did think that this warning poster of heat exhaustion was pretty funny. The guy in the picture is hocking up a lung. Clarissa is making a nice impression. We got some pretty cool pictures and are definitely going to back one day, but next time we are going to go back on a rafting trip.

Darrin and I wanted to go out on the rocks and get a good picture so we dragged Pat with us, here he is, he is not to fond of the height. Thanks Pat, you are awesome.

Byers Family Reunion part 2

Darrin wake boarding, what a stud!!! This was hard too because the boat in Canada doesn't have a tower and when you are 6'4 that matters!
 Here are my wonderful Grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Byers. Darrin and I designed these awesome shirts for everyone at the reunion!

Here is the whole crew in our amazing t-shirts! I have such an awesome group of cousins and family.

 Darrin and I on the canoe!

 Here is my cousin and myself, after this ride... I don't think I trust him on a jet ski, he is fast and I am a wuss!  He is awesome, he went to the Summer Olympics In Greece, what a stud.  

 Every time we go to Canada on our way up we stop in Coeur d'alene, one of the prettiest places ever. I love it here, this is one of my top places I would love to live, anyways we always stop at the Coeur d'alene hotel and eat and go on the boardwalk. Sigh, so pretty, I miss this place already!
Here is my mom and her siblings. The reason we had this big reunion was to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They are such a cute couple together. I can't wait to celebrate my own!

Byers Family Reunion

Sedona, AZ

What a beautiful and quaint town. Sedona has a tons of beautiful red rocks everywhere. Cliffs with lots of green. It's a small town and has an artsy vibe. The Poyfairs talked us going to Red Rock where a ton of people go in the summer to go swimming. It is a fresh stream of water that is FREEZING and people slide down it and there are small cliffs in areas where you can jump from, Darrin did of course but I didn't! I don't dig heights very well. We had a lot of fun with the Poyfairs.

Darrin posing, I dig it :)

The Poyfair clan, this is Darrin's older brother: Top row- Pat and Karli Bottom row- Dallin, Kristen, Dustin and Katelyn

Darrin in the freezing cold water!!!!

Girls Trip to Canada

I was able to fly up to Boise and go on a girls trip to Canada with my mom and both of my sisters, this trip was so much fun!
Candice and I enjoying the lake on our floaties, awwww pure bliss!

My mom and my niece Kylie!
I just love this picture, Kylie is the oldest grandchild on the Miller side. Here is a picture with Grandma Miller and her Great Grandma Byers. 3 generation picture, how neat!

Disneyworld take 2

Craners do Disney the right way, this is the second time I get to go to Disneyworld! They are so fun. We went with Greg and Penny and met Matt's family down there.

Darrin and I with Matt's kids: Allison and Sarah.

Darrin and I taking pictures wherever we could. We are in the Epcot Center taking pictures "around the world".

We are in the Animal Kingdom which was my favorite, I loved the safari ride and going on the animal walk, this is like the coolest zoo ever. Disney does it right!

Here I am super sick, the night before I had an extremely high temperature but luckily we traveled with Greg so he started me up on some medicine to get me feeling better in no time. I am pretty sure I had strep.

Here we are in front of the beautiful castle! Did you know you that there is a really nice restaurant inside the castle and you can eat dinner while watching the fireworks, it's awesome.