Why can they be such stinkers?

Today, I finally did it, I had to leave Colby in his room. I had to just let him cry. He hasn't even been totally bad, just everything built and all came crashing down, today. Today has been one of my busiest days in a long time, I had to finish my visiting teaching, have to still clean my entire house(an old friend is coming to visit), and I have been cooking and going to the store to get ready for Pine Wood Derby tonight. ( Which I also forgot to grab the chips and am still dreading going back)

Colby has NOT been a little helper today. I have been gagging all day (pregnant), which does not help when the little guy had the worst diaper today, and was squirming around and laughing while trying to change him. Next, he gets into my glue, I thought I put it in a safe place, nope! Next he just has been fussing and fussing and more fussing, all DAY!!!!!!!! Of course he is always at my side, he is stalking me. Today, has been crazy. I finally just had to put him down while I relaxed! So I am blog venting! He did not like going to sleep when it is clearly not his nap or bed time but he is going to have to stay in that crib for an hour. I need to calm down, before I see his cute face.

Am I like the only person that has had to do this? I am feeling like a pretty bad mom right now? I have never done this before.

I hate not having family here, if I did, mom you would have had to watch him all day long!! :)


That is how I feel! I am starting to really dislike where I live. We are having horrible luck with our neighboring apartments. Until recently I have enjoyed being able to live in a nice apartment where it is gated and clean, I feel safe because of these things which is HUGE for me. I need to feel safe and I am starting not to. For a few months ou\ neighbors across the way from us would have parties every night! Yep, like every night. They were young immature kids. I would wake up to see piles of beer cans in their garage. Darrin had to yell out the window like 10 times to make them be quiet. Finally there was a huge fight that started up like at 1 in the morning, it was so bad that I had to dial 911. Beer bottles were broken, someone wanted to run someone over, another person got knocked unconsious and lay on the pavement. It was crazy! Luckily, they got kicked out the next business day. We thought bad neighbors wore gone, nope. Last night we woke up to another huge party at 1 in the morning, this time they were out passing a bong around on their balcony! Darrin again had to go out on our deck, and tell them that we see what they are doing, he told them to go inside and not to wake us up or he would do something about it. They didn't even try denying what they were doing. We totally caught them! Last of all, our one neighbors sharing a wall with us, is a single mom who CAN NOT control her child. He runs around screaming and punching walls. Plus we have to park our car right next to her and she can't park so I have to try and squeeze Colby into our car, it's not easy having a huge car seat!!!
I don't know what to do, I don't want to move plus if we move to another apartment I am sure that it would be just as bad or worst than ours! A great place to visit, not the best to live.

Car Consequences of the Economy

I thought Darrin was going to post this one, but instead it is me again. Lately he has been on a "lets fix up our cars" kick. I have no problem with this, it is hard enough for me to vacuum or wash my car once a year, I think this idea is great! Our lovely 4 runner is a great car, it is a 93 which means it is getting up there in age but we can't complain because we have never had any major issues with it. A few weeks back I was driving it and it died in the middle of an intersection. I didn't know what to do, I was freaking out. I couldn't push the car myself. As I was frantically redialing Darrin's phone by the tenth time I had some fellow drivers stop to help push me out of the way. As they were almost done Darrin showed up to help. He towed the car back to the shop and with the help of some work buddies they concluded that is was the radiator . It cost 250 bucks but well worth it if my car started to work. I was quite impressed, he and Bryan installed it together, which I am sure saved us a lot of money. Well, as Darrin started up the car he made it a block and it stopped working, again. Now I was super distraught. We don't have the money for a new car and plus we just spent a lot to fix it. (for us it's a lot) I was super sad and very frustrated that our car wasn't working. Later that night we went back and Darrin put some more coolant in it and Woolah, it worked. YEAH!!! He is my hero. No more tears.
But then comes the BMW. Our rear passenger window motor went out over a year ago. It was so broken that any one could walk up to the car and push the window down with their hands. Whenever we would get on the freeway it would slowly creep down and the car would get louder and louder the longer we were driving until we could pull over and push it back up. Oh yeah, we lived with this for a year. Darrin finally decided to do something about it and we ordered a new motor from my fathers work. The day that it arrived Darrin decided that he needed to replace the motor himself. With the help of Google search he was able to take the entire door apart, remove the glass, replace the motor, and put it all back together. Now, the window looks great and it saved us a ton of money.
Then a few days later the brake light came on in the BMW. So, brazen by his trial and error success with the 4runner's radiator and the BMW's window motor, he decided to change the brakes on that car by himself. Again, with the help of Google, the first wheel took him about two hours, but the last three took about twenty minutes a piece. But he finally got it all put back together and now the car is safe for me to drive....yeah, yeah and yeah!
While he was at Autozone getting the parts for his "Autopian Adventures" he found a kit that advertises head light restoration. The BMW is also getting to be a somewhat of a geriatric and the headlights were looking pretty bad. They were foggy and yellowing which looked horrible. So, he decided to try the kit out, and let me tell you, it was amazing the difference this little $19 kit made. Our headlights look brand new and it changed the whole look of the car.
By this point Darrin is thinking he is pretty hot stuff when it come to cars, so he has decided to start changing stuff on the interiors. He started re-sewing the steering wheel of the BMW, and refinishing the leather on the steering wheel so that it did not look faded and feel all rough, he moved the iPod connector to a more central location, replacing the unused phone jack in the center console and moving the stereo face to a better location on the dash. Well, the interior is only half way done and right now I have NO stereo and the center console is in pieces in the garage. I guess it is a work in progress, but I will be glad when it is over. I do have a picture of the before and after on the headlights, it looks pretty good.

Take a Wild Guess?

So, what is going on with the Craners? I bet you could guess a hundred things and not get it right, so I might as well come out and say it. I am now on baby #2!!!!!!!!!!! I must not have been remembering what pregnancy is like and what labor is like but it's to late now. The baby is due in the middle of December. I think it is hard for me to get used to the idea that we will have two kids. I am so used to Colby that I can't imagine what life will be like with another kid. It's like WOW now we are going to be considered a family. Just wanted to share the craziness of the Craners:)

Sugar Cookies

First off, I hate making sugar cookies. Well, at least the ones where you have to chill the dough and roll out. I can't believe how much work it takes. Anyways, Rachel a sweet girl from my ward is super talented at cake decorating. I have enlisted her to help me be creative. A couple weeks ago we made sugar cookies with royal icing. This takes SO long! I have already learned a lot just from the 3 hours it took to decorate them. I should have taken some pictures of the first ones I made and compared them to the last ones. Huge difference! We both had a great time, hopefully I will one day try making them again once I have recovered!

Boise Fun

My parents were so sweet and flew me to Boise Colby and I had a great week of fun, we had a great time. I learned some fun new games( also learned NEVER to play Ticket to Ride with Spencer and Juliann- they crushed me), caught up with my siblings and got lots of extra helping hands.