Really? yes really

Before heading off to bed, Darrin and I went on our nightly check of the chitlins. This is how we found Colby, he was dead asleep. The picture doesn't even do it justice. His bumb was barely on the bed, he must be a deep sleeper.

The quality might be bad it was with a cell phone.

Caught on Camera

Colby NEVER looks at the camera, so this is a pleasant surprise, I just love the silly faces he makes.

He always makes that face, so I like to copy him and than he busts out laughing.

If you haven't noticed, I made him a quesadilla for lunch, maybe he was making jumps for his cars with it, he was definitely playing and not eating. Silly!

Bath for 2

Now that Ethan is a little older, and sitting up, they do great during bath time. Of course with 2 kids, how in the world do u get them to BOTH look at the camera? Impossible, I say!

Random Picts