Gotta love the hubby

I have been a little edgy to say the least this week so Darrin has been helping me out all weekend. He has been letting me sleep in, he has been on full Daddy watch. Mommy needed a break, I loved it! Thanks sweetie! You are the best.

My most favorite part of it, he took Colby out to run an errand, this is how he dressed Colby. He has long socks with his swim shorts, he never even went swimming that day, plus they are to small. He also let him have a Mountain Dew. No wonder Colby loves his Dad time so much!

P.S. This is how he gives me kisses. He is a little slobber monster.

Here is ETHAN

I am already slacking in the Ethan picture department. So here are some picts of us playing. I think it is adorable that he OPENS his eyes HUGE! Big eyes just like his Mommy!

P.S. I dyed my hair black, and put hot pink ink works in it, in the light it has a bright pink hue to it! How awesome! Ha my fam is going to think I am so silly:)

Happy Easter

This Year I have been getting so excited to watch Colby with Holidays. Darrin knows how much I love Holidays and Birthdays but when you have a kid it is a MILLION times better watching your child have so much fun. First we had the egg dying. I wanted so bad to have cute Easter eggs and they would be colored perfectly, I decided it was better to let Colby have at it. He had a blast, he thought it was tons of fun.

The next stage in todays fun, an EASTER EGG HUNT! I wasn't sure if Colby would even care, but he did. Colby absolutely LOVED it. We went to a tiny grass area in our complex, and once I told him to find the eggs, he had a blast. I could not get a picture of him holding still until he picked them all up. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. I wish I could have an Easter egg hunt for him every day, but then he would get bored with it. He is such a STUD!

A little Inspiration

This story is heart wrenching. At the same time, I would like to spread the word because I think everyone should read this story, and the mothers outlook during the whole process. It made me cry to have to imagine what she went through but I am inspired by how she handled this experience. I truly hope I never have to go through this but that I might look at life in a different perspective. I know there are always rough days but I hope not to give my kids as many "leftovers" of myself and be a better parent to my children. Being a mother I would do anything for them. I love my children very much and each night I thank God for what lovely children I am blessed with. After this story I know everyone will hug their children a little harder that day.

I love you Colby and Ethan!

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