Laguna Beach

We decided to explore Laguna Beach. This weekend was the first time we ventured there. Laguna is gorgeous. Now that everything is getting green again it even prettier. The hills are right by the beach and it is gorgeous with all of the houses and quaint little shops. We were able to find some great beaches that we will be excited to show family and friends when they come visit. Today it was 78. The temperature was perfect and after a week of having a sick baby it was nice that Colby was in such a great mood. We love exploring and trying out new areas.

Colby and Me. I just love this guy!!!!

Daddy's Boy

Here is a picture of my boys playing on Dads lunch break. I'm so thankful that we found a place so close to his work, we love when he comes and visits us during the day. I love seeing Colby light up when his dad comes home. Colby is becoming a daddy's boy. He is all smiles and giggles when Darrin is around. The other day Colby started crawling towards Darrin as he left the room when I was right there playing by his side. I must have trained him wrong! :)
Colby now has started talking, no not real words but he loves talking. After he eats he sits on the floor and entertains himself for at least 10 minutes with himself talking. The only real thing he says that is "Dada" he loves that word. Now I know all those nights of whispering mama ended up not working.