Man Bonding....

Colby has the best seat in the house!

Update on Prop 8

Here is an article we received on Monday written by Frank Schubert. He is the Campaign Manager for Yes on 8.

"Gay activists held a fundraiser on Tuesday night at billionaire liberal Ron Burkle's mansion in Beverly Hills where they raised an astonishing $3.9 million. Even as guests were being entertained by Barbra Streisand, Melissa Etheridge and Mary J. Blige, No on 8 operatives were busy launching a sneak attack on the institution of marriage. They began dumping $3 million into television commercials this week alone. That is on top of the nearly $4 million in air time they already had purchased for this week, meaning they are spending an unbelievable $7 million on air time this week alone!

In the middle of the night last night, they began airing a new commercial featuring liberal Democrat Jack O'Connell, the California Superintendent of Public Instruction, designed to trick voters into thinking that gay marriage won't be taught in California public schools. The No on 8 campaign realizes that this is their Achilles heel, and they are going to say and do whatever
they need to in order to confuse and trick voters.

O'Connell slyly but shamelessly misrepresents the law, saying that California does not "require" that anything about marriage be taught in public schools. What he doesn't say is that his own Department of Education reports that 96% of schools DO TEACH the courses that include marriage. The Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage unquestionably means that young children will be exposed to gay marriage in school, just as they are in Massachusetts."

After receiving this email we realized that our campaign needed more help. Thanks to a great family and awesome friends -WE DID IT! Our Campaign was able to exceed their goal of much needed donations. The money is being used to pay for commercials this week. Thanks everyone for making this possible!!!

Vote YES on Prop 8

One week until the upcoming 2008 election. The biggest concern for us Californians is Prop 8. Voting YES on Prop 8 restores and protects a traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I have been making calls telling others to go out and vote. Today Darrin and I stood on a major street corner in Rancho holding signs and letting our fellow city folks know where we stand. We have both never felt more out of our comfort zone but we know we are doing the right thing. Some people on the opposing side have been behaving pretty poorly which makes this even harder to stand up for. I know as a mother I will move out of California before someone teaches that being gay is okay to my child. This is not an environment I want Colby or any child in. I do not need teachers telling children that this is appropriate. We are asking for everyone's help, you can donate money at or call friends and family who live in California to please vote Yes on Prop 8.

Colby's first Halloween!

After many debates on the costume that us "Stage Parents" were going to parade our 5 month old child as for Halloween this year, (Baseball Player, Charlie Brown, Sumo Wrestler, Etc.) we came across this little beauty at Downtown Disney. We have yet to teach him how to throw "Hang Loose" signs and talk like a red eyed surfer type with the munchies, but we thought that this was pretty cool anyways.   


Stressed? My work has ways of dealing with that.

Many people don't know that glass is extremely strong on the face but fragile on the sides. Most of the glass that we use at D&R is 1/2" thick ( Residential glass is typically 1/8"). 1/2" glass is so strong that you can throw a rock at the face and it will most likely bounce off and only leave a mark. But as you can see in the video, the slightest tap on the corner and the glass (tempered) explodes. This is a 100 SQFT piece of glass that costs thousands of dollars, it was rejected from an Apple job because of a few scratches (left by other people).

Candice and Kayles Wedding

Candice got hitched! My sister was married to Kayle in the Boise temple. Colby and I were able to fly to there a few days early. We had a blast partying the entire week. I also got to eat at my 2 favorite joints Idaho Pizza Co. and Westside Drive-In. Yummmmmmy! Colby finally met his Miller cousins for the first time. There is 4 now, I don't think the Miller side will come close to the Craner clan. :) Benson is only two months older than Colby- they look the same age and are both soooo handsome. Back to the week-here is some of the fun stuff I was able to do with the fam. Candice flew in super late Tuesday night. We surprised her with a Cocoa candlelight party. We had the table decorated all fancy and used my moms good china. Also a good family friend had a bridal shower for her where she got lots of good stuff. On Friday we were able to get manicures and pedicures with the entire bridal party. We all had a great time and I was able to meet Kayles fam which I instantly fell in love with. Candice will fit in just fine. With the last one hitched I can now say the Millers landed with great in laws and are all very lucky for that.
Saturday was the big day. My grandpa traveled from Rexburg to perform the ceremony. Now he has sealed all four Miller children which has been a great experience. After the ceremony I was able to catch up with the fam at the luncheon which was great. I feel so out of the loop down here. One of my favorite parts about the week- Darrin and I got to decorate the hotel room. Hahaha.(evil laughter) Hopefully they forgive us. :) There was definitely some surprises. (giggle) All in all we had a great time. Darrin was the DJ at the reception and did an awesome job. Most importantly Candice looked gorgeous for her wedding! The newlyweds are doing great!!!!!

Husband Tag

1. What is his name? Darrin Michael Craner

2. Who eats more? Darrin

3. Who said, "I love you" first? Technically me but it was a trick. He asked me if I wanted to play a game, of course I said yes. The game was he was going to ask me three questions and no matter what he asked I had to say yes! By than I new what he was up to but it didn't bother me, I was up for the challenge. I forgot what the first two questions were but the last question was "Do you love me?" Obviously I said yes. Who new he would be shy about that.:)

4. Who is taller? Darrin, almost by a foot. (11 in.)

5. Who is smarter? Darrin, but I try to be!

6. Who is more sensitive? Me, I should get the most sensitive person award. That is what my Dundie Award would read.

7. Who does the laundry? Me. It keeps me busy during the day. I am proud to say that Darrin does help when needed and he now remembers to put the fabric sheet in the dryer.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, it's for the best. I have to sleep on my right side and he sleeps on his left, don't worry not before I make him cuddle;)

9. Who pays the bills? Me, Me and Me.

10. Who cooks more? I do but we both love to cook. I am sure if Darrin was home more he would love to be the one in the kitchen making great dinners.

11. Who is more stubborn? Hands down, me. I married a great man who is helping me with that problem.

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Darrin, even when it should be me.

13. Who has more siblings? Darrin, who can top seven! David, Scott, Pat, Mark, Tammy, Jill and Matt.

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I honestly don't know. Sometimes him and sometimes me.

15. What do you like to do together? Is that appropriate ;)

16. Who eats more sweets? ME, I will copy Aubrey and say by a landslide. If the question were to read "Who consumes more salt? That would be Darrin. We can't even share popcorn. You might as well unscrew the salt shakers top and just pour it on.

17. Guilty Pleasures? I had to ask him this one, he says cartoons and Star Wars. I will concur.

18. How did you meet? Ruby River Steakhouse. He was a server and I a hostess.

19. Who asked whom out first? The first time we hung out outside of work- I kind of asked him. We both found out that we like skiing/boarding so we wanted to go up sometime. Soon after, my friend Randi and I were going to Brighton for a night of skiing and he came with us. But for the first official date he asked me.

20. Who kissed who first? He kissed me.

21. Who proposed? Darrin. I received two. The first one came so fast that he didn't have a ring but he later did a second proposal. How sweet!

22. His best features and qualities? Before we met my roommates (Randi and Jenica) and I decided to put a huge poster in our kitchen displaying what kind of guy we wanted to date. I remember he had to be taller than 6ft, shaggy hair, washboard abs, drives a jeep wrangler, ski, wakeboard etc. We made this thinking that no one would actually fit the description. Sooner than later Darrin showed up and he had every single quality. ( I know these are all of the superficial ones, these came as an added bonus because who Darrin really is- there is nothing I would change. I adore him! )

23. Tag you’re it. Who do you tag?
Karli, Catherine, Julie, Randi, and Juliann

Here is a cute picture of Darrin rocking Colby to sleep. If you notice what Colby's wearing it says "Star Wars" across the butt. Like father like son!

First Attempt

Colby has always been a great sleeper, by the end of his first month Colby was sleeping through the night. His sleep schedule is anywhere from 7-7 or 8-7am. After four months of this he has now started waking up during the night. Since having him I am now the worlds lightest sleeper, I wake up to everything. The slightest sound Colby makes and I am wide awake listening, waiting, and if nothing happens I than go back to sleep. When Colby wakes up he does not cry he fusses. When this happens I put his Binky back in his mouth and he falls back asleep. Sometimes I do this a couple times in a row because he is wide awake and thinks that this is a game. He always has a huge grin, like he knows it's the middle of the night. Lately this has been happening four or five times a night. This has been continuing for weeks now. I am ready for a change and to drop this habit.
Plan B.
I have heard a lot of mothers trying this and certain family members give it great reviews. The fast explanation-The plan is to let your kid cry so they learn to calm themselves down so they do not always rely on a parent to do the calming. They need to learn to fall back asleep by themselves.
Last night was my first attempt. Colby fell asleep at 7. To make this night easier on me I turned his monitor all the way down, this way I would not hear him unless he was really crying not just playing in his bed. I'm sure he woke up during the night but if he did I did not hear him and he must have fallen back asleep without my help. So far so good. Wow, could Colby really be that great of a kid to not cry once during the first attempt? At six I awoke to a strong set of lungs. He was crying/screaming hysterically. Colby continues to cry and at 6:35 I call Darrin who is now at work to ask what I should do. We decide to give him his Binky. I did that and since than he has been asleep and it is now 7:50.
I am now thinking if I should have done anything differently. I DO NOT want him waking up earlier than seven. I am not a morning person and seven is very early for me. I would love if he slept until 8. Any advice?