Since the move..

Things have been crazy, hectic, and busy. I love it, I am never bored. I have never been this busy on a consistent basis. First it was just the unpacking, after getting settled in everything is still moving at a faster pace. Darrin has started his internship with Central Utah Clinic, he works in the marketing department. He works part time, which means I actually get to see my husband! I love that, I am counting down till retirement!
So far, things are working out great for us, the lord definetly has a hand in what we are doing. We are moving forward and everything seems to be falling into place. Such a nice change.

quick recap of events

-Sold our 4 Runner on Craigslist days before the move, it was on it's last leg and wouldn't have made it:( *craigslist is amazing, esp. in california, will be missed, love the deals

-We took Colby to Disneyland as a farewell to California. Colby's favorite ride was Dumbo, and his least favorite was Thunder Mountain. Colby is 40 inches tall- that can sometimes be a bad thing he did NOT like that ride, maybe next year. Darrin and I love Disneyland- if you are married to a Craner and don't think that D-land is incredibly awesome then it's grounds for a divorce (it's my favorite, I love it, love it love it tehe :)) Anyways..... taking your kids and seeing their expression and how excited they get is awesome, it takes Disneyland to a whole new level.

-The entire fam has LOVED getting out of that tiny apartment and into a home, Colby and Ethan are loving the space. Plus a backyard with a swing set and ANDY the dog. Colby loves Andy and is SO good with him. He pets him, lets him outside and back in, he would sleep with the dog if I let him. Penny and Greg are the easiest and sweetest people to live with, they should be more mean so we don't keep living with them!!! (me so funny)

-We went to Boise, and visited my fam! While there we ate at all of my favorite places, yum! ( I have quite a lot) We were able to hang out with family, visit, talk, chat, gab, goof off, I loved it! Colby and Ethan got to see their cousins, we had an incredible time. We were able to go to Benson's 3rd b-day bash and since the event Colby is very excited for his own party.
One of the main reasons for going was to get our car fixed. When we arrived, to our dismay, we found it would have cost a fortune. So, we made an exec decision to run the car to the ground until it dies, and in making that bright decision we ended up buying a very practical car. So we bought a Toyota camry hybrid. I have never wanted a camry but I have to say this car is growing on me and it has great gas mileage!!! Yeah!

Since being here Colby and Ethan are in love with playing outside, and playing with Andy.