Hot Cocoa time

The boys have been in need for a lot of hot cocoa, we have been working outside trying to get everything ready for summer but sometimes the weather still isn't great, the boys have been great troopers and try not to complain. It is now becoming a tradition, after being outside for a bit it is followed by a hot cocoa break, then getting wrapped up in blankets and cuddle time with mom while they are warming up.


 Ethan and Colby love whip cream and sprinkles, WOW it's a big hit!

Bean Museum

The perfect winter activity, go to the Bean Museum. The big building on campus with a ton of stuffed, dead animals. ( doesn't that sound fun, ha! actually, the kids love it) They do little shows where one of the workers will talk about animals and let the kids pet some live ones (snake, turtle, lizard ) Darrin finished his classes early, he joined up with us. The boys loved showing Daddy around!

See, they like to show us the animals! They do a great job remembering what everything is, totally impressed!

Omaha, Nebraska

During Christmas break we decided on taking our job offer at Union Pacific, in Omaha, Nebraska. Tornado's here I come! We actually never thought we wanted to leave Utah but going to U.P. feels right and we know it is the right place for us. We will do a 12 week internship this summer before finishing up his last year at BYU's MBA program.
 I have never looked in too or considered Nebraska but I am way excited to try it out. Union Pacific is a very friendly family company, which is exactly what we are looking for. They treat their employees very well and it is a big company with ability to move up the corporate ladder.  Omaha is a family friendly city and ranked high in the US charts. Everyone that I have met or talked to about Omaha has loved it there. The zoo is supposed to be amazing so I will be excited to go to the zoo a lot with the munchkins.

......On a side note, this April Darrin will be going on a MBA business trip, to China and Thailand. We are very excited for this opportunity, he is going to be able to go to big corporations and see how they are run internationally. This will be a great experience!