We have just gotten back from our week in Utah, I love being on vacation. It was really nice to see most of the Craner Fam. Darrin and I miss Utah. Even though I grew up in Boise I often think of Utah as my home. Darrin and I love Utah! Utah has so much family and most of our favorite places. I already want to go back.
I have been reading the most amazing blog. This woman is LDS and she was in a horrible plane crash. It talks about her family and her faith through this major trial. I want to be more like her. She is so inspiring. Reading her blog makes me feel so blessed.
First, I am blessed with not one but 2 amazing families. The Miller fam and the Craner fam. I am very thankful for my families, they mean the world to me.
Second, I am blessed with 2 beautiful boys! Colby and Ethan are not part of my world, they are my world. I am so busy with them, I remember a poem- it talks about how this lady is reflecting on her life and things she would have done differently, not cared about fingerprints of the sofa, dirty faces, etc. Raising my kids I am reminded of that poem daily. I could spend all day, every day cleaning my house to live up to my expectations, instead I have learned to let go and play with my kids, kiss them both a thousand times a day, play cars, cuddle while watching cartoons. I know that soon enough I wont be aloud to kiss them that much, or tuck them in at night, or rock them to sleep. Even though I could still work on having a spotless house all day long, for now I am enjoying my children. My two wonderful boys. Loving them everyday is my number one priority!
Third, I am truly blessed with my amazing husband. Darrin went to bed at 8:30 tonight, he works super hard and super long hours. 4 am to 5 pm, he works that a lot!!!! He never complains about waking up that early. I HATE the morning, I love how he never complains about work. I know I am lucky, I get to be with my children every day. I could not have that amazing gift without my husbands hard work. I appreciate everything he does for me and for our children. Darrin is my best friend. I could spend every second with him. I miss him the minute he leaves my side. My boys are so excited when they see Daddy after work. They get huge grins on their sweet innocent faces and are always showing Dad the new tricks that they learned from the day.
I have day to day struggles, sometimes it feels like I have to break my days down into hours, to keep on going. No matter how hard life seems to get, I know that I always have the full love and support of my family, and the full love and support of my Heavenly Father. I know he loves me and has blessed me with an amazing family.
I feel blessed.