Colby at Play

Here is Colby playing on his new toy- the treadmill. He loves climbing all over this thing and he is finally teething and sticking anything he can find in his mouth.

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Saturday Fun, Balboa

I had a blast this weekend. I am a sun and water type of girl, I must say this has been one of the funnest days I have ever had! We were invited to stay at the Scott's house in Newport beach, I must say it is a great location. It is on Balboa Point which is right in between the ocean and the bay. So, Saturday morning Darrin woke up and went surfing with Bryan and Richard. I guess it was freezing so I am glad I didn't end up going. Instead Kathryn and I went on a morning bike ride with the babies. The Scott's have beach cruisers so we cruised by the ocean. Even Colby had a great time, he was with Brynna in the bike trailer and loved it. Actually Kathryn and I stopped to look at the ocean and Colby and Brynna were holding hands. It was adorable. While stopped a guy came buy holding a huge crab and was going to go take pictures of it with an under water camera and he let me touch it, it was HUGE! Well, on our way back from our bike ride we met up with our hubbies and than headed to this great little Mexican place, still on the bikes but with the whole Scott clan. To top off the perfect morning, Kathi watched the babies in the afternoon while we went kayaking. It was incredible. I want a kayak, or should I say need a kayak! They had 3 so Bryan and Kathryn went on the double and Darrin and I went on a single. It was awesome. We started out in the bay and peddled out to this buoy in the ocean where a ton of seals were laying on. There was about 11!