Perks from the little guy

Smiles! As niece Alison would say "All babies do is eat, sleep and poop". Now we are adding smiling. Colby has started to smile. We just think it is adorable.

Silverwood Lake

Colby loving his first boating adventure at Lake Silverwood. He did so well. He loved the motion of the boat that would put him right to sleep. Here in Cali you need a reservation to get on the lake or you will wait in line for hours until others boaters are done. Also- Cali boaters are crazy! They do not understand that you are supposed to stay away from others. We even saw some guy backing up his two jet skiis, he slams on his breaks and both of his jet skis fall into each other and hit the pavement. That is the craziest thing I have seen.

Photo Shoot

I try to stay busy during the day while Darrin is at work. I figure in a couple of years Colby will not like me to take his picture so I must get them in now. For Fathers Day Darrin received a frame with some of the photos from the shoot- here they are. My men in my life are SO CUTE!

Our Beach Day!

On Saturday we went to the beach. It was My (Darrin) first time ever to the California coast. It was awesome. I tried surfing again and got my butt handed to me by the enormous waves. Clarissa wasn't feling good enough to try surfing but there was plenty to do there besides going into the water. We walked the Huntington Pier and watched a live Christian rock band show. There were tons of little restaurants and surf shops. We had a blast and Colby was awesome!