Building bunk beds

 Over the summer we spent a lot of times looking at homes, I love looking at homes. The boys actually loved it too. Every time we would go they would always see bunk beds in one of the rooms and tell me how much they wanted a house, I don't think they realized bunk beds are not the standard and don't come with it. We started researching prices and bunk beds are sooo expensive, especially the ones that I wanted. Darrin and I priced it out and we figured we could save a lot of money by building them ourselves. I mean by Darrin building them:) (I did help a little, and painted most of it) LOVE how handy my man is! Colby and Ethan loved building forts and helping Dad out, well.... as much as they were aloud. This is the first piece of furniture that we ever built and even though I think they look amazing, we learned a lot and I think we can only go up from here. I am totally happy how they turned out and the boys love them! I already found great bedding!

The boys love their bunk bed, every other night they take turns sleeping on the top and bottom. Ethan now stays in his room and hardly comes into ours. Yeah, I love my sleep!

Back in Utah

My sister, Candice and her baby girl Charlotte came to visit me and say good-bye, they are off to Virginia for 3 years. Totally going to miss them like crazy. We always were able to see each other at least a couple times a year but this is the start of not being able to see each other for WAY TO LONG:( I always have the best time with here and will miss her like crazy!

Colby and Ethan love to take Andy on walks, they really missed him over the summer. When we got back in Utah we had to make up for the whole summer without him. The boys got to be super heroes while walking Andy, best of both worlds. Gotta love boys, they are the best!

Summer Picts

 Omaha is H U M I D and H O T! We are used to a hot, dry climate, not this. I have to admit this is taking getting used to. When we first moved here there were kids playing everywhere and at all times playing outside. The last 6 weeks here... it is a ghost town, no one is outdoors and kids stay up late and all start playing outside after dinner.

 When we live in our bathing suits, this little guy likes to take it off and leave it. What an adorable fireman!

 Colby and Ethan love when Daddy gets home from work.

 Locked out of our building, the boys didn't mind at all.

 We took a limited amount of toys with us this summer and the boys got very creative. (They are putting legos on the train tracks)

 Grandma and Grandpa got to visit us a lot over the summer, which we all LOVED! Colby and Ethan loved hanging out with their Grandparents.

 Freddy's was this great burger joint that we found and fell in love with, they even had real ice cream, not the gross stuff!

 Colby and his turtle tat from the Zoo, best zoo ever!

 Ethan was the first one out of quiet time and was loving that Dad let him watch the ipad with headphones.

Ethan's sleeping habits

He can sleep any where and in the most peculiar positions and places, need I say more :)

Kenefick Park

 Kenefick Park is minutes from our "summer home". The path is a steep walkway that leads up to the top of the hill where two Union Pacific trains sit and can be easily seen off the freeway.

 Trains are massive, you never realize it until you are standing next to it.
 Doesn't every mom carry Thomas around in her purse:)

Union Pacific is a huge part of Omaha's rich history, it is fun learning about it.

Boys, boys and boys

Lets be honest, I am a little left out over here, 3 boys to 1 girl. I have to say though, I love my boys and couldn't be happier with anything different. I love the rough housing, running around constantly (seriously they don't stop), bathroom humor, superheroes, aiming into the toilet ( I mean getting somewhat close, wait I mean.... not paying attention at all and I use lots of clorox wipes), building forts, cars and trains, hot lava. I love it all. Raising kids is the toughest and hardest thing I will ever do. I know one day my kids will be grown up and I will have all of the "me time" in the world. Showering without the curtain getting opened, sleeping in, only cooking for myself...sometimes I miss being selfish but I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything! I love my boys. I love the fact that I get to raise my boys. I love that I teach them right from wrong and teach them what is important in life. My boys and I have a great time together. I cherish every kiss I get, every cuddle, every hug. I am so glad my kids and I truly love each other.

P.S. Darrin makes it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mom, and it is the best blessing I could ever have. I am very thankful for him and the ability to be with my boys.

Pioneer Courage Park

This park is in downtown Omaha and is only blocks from Union Pacific. The park has gorgeous bronze statues of the Pioneers. The sculptors are both from Utah.

Posing the same, cheesy, Yep! That's me!!

I had the boys do a tough pose, Colby and Ethan are showing me their muscles. Sooo handsome!

My Craner boys. I love them so much!