Summer Picts

 Omaha is H U M I D and H O T! We are used to a hot, dry climate, not this. I have to admit this is taking getting used to. When we first moved here there were kids playing everywhere and at all times playing outside. The last 6 weeks here... it is a ghost town, no one is outdoors and kids stay up late and all start playing outside after dinner.

 When we live in our bathing suits, this little guy likes to take it off and leave it. What an adorable fireman!

 Colby and Ethan love when Daddy gets home from work.

 Locked out of our building, the boys didn't mind at all.

 We took a limited amount of toys with us this summer and the boys got very creative. (They are putting legos on the train tracks)

 Grandma and Grandpa got to visit us a lot over the summer, which we all LOVED! Colby and Ethan loved hanging out with their Grandparents.

 Freddy's was this great burger joint that we found and fell in love with, they even had real ice cream, not the gross stuff!

 Colby and his turtle tat from the Zoo, best zoo ever!

 Ethan was the first one out of quiet time and was loving that Dad let him watch the ipad with headphones.