Boys, boys and boys

Lets be honest, I am a little left out over here, 3 boys to 1 girl. I have to say though, I love my boys and couldn't be happier with anything different. I love the rough housing, running around constantly (seriously they don't stop), bathroom humor, superheroes, aiming into the toilet ( I mean getting somewhat close, wait I mean.... not paying attention at all and I use lots of clorox wipes), building forts, cars and trains, hot lava. I love it all. Raising kids is the toughest and hardest thing I will ever do. I know one day my kids will be grown up and I will have all of the "me time" in the world. Showering without the curtain getting opened, sleeping in, only cooking for myself...sometimes I miss being selfish but I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything! I love my boys. I love the fact that I get to raise my boys. I love that I teach them right from wrong and teach them what is important in life. My boys and I have a great time together. I cherish every kiss I get, every cuddle, every hug. I am so glad my kids and I truly love each other.

P.S. Darrin makes it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mom, and it is the best blessing I could ever have. I am very thankful for him and the ability to be with my boys.


  1. I LOVE this! It is so true.

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. Just how I feel too. Brandon and I like to think about how easy life would be with no kids sometimes, but in the end, they are the reason for everything that we are and do. Yay for Mommyhood.

  3. You're looking super beautiful by the way.

    Love this post and couldn't agree more with everything you said, especially the kudos to your husband. So grateful for a husband that loves to be with his family and provides so I can stay at home with my little ones. MISS YOU!! Let's go home already and sneak in a couple selfish nights where us moms can play.

  4. That was a sweet post. You are an amazing mom. I love how much you adore your children. They are lucky to have you as their mama! And I love reading your post. You have a talent at writing.